Pepping for the first homegame!

Ciao bellas and bonitas!
Oh who am I fooling I'm here to speak English!
My year is going better and better, I'm getting used to school, I cheer for our football team at the games allthough we never win, and I'm making new friends every day! :)
So tomorrow is our first homegame! Waaaaaah so exciting - GO WARRiORS! Warriors is what our team is called! But the our boys won't be alone out there because guess what? The danceteam is gonna perform, so I'll have my first performance tomorrow! Yeaaah!
We're having a dance clinic for little girls, form four years and older. So we'll teach them two routines that we're going to do tomorrow out on the field! It's going to be mega awesome! I've gotten a danceshirt and shorts in red in columbia blue, which are our school colors along with white. So that's what I'm wearing tomorrow!
So this is what our hallway looked like when I got to school today.
Today was senior class-president election and the entire senior-hallway was bombarded with these "wote-for-Lauren" posts! The creepy thing is that Lauren told me that she didn't put them up, so some random guy must have stayed late from school last night just to put up notes about her! That's creepy...
Haha so Cree got this prank idea about putting all the vote-for-Lauren posters on Lauren's locker haha! He really is a crazy kid, but he's a really good guy! Haha but he might have to cut down on his coffee because he's hyper like 24/7! x)
I wore my extensions to school the other day, I threw on my new dress to that too!
Here in America wearing extensions is not a wierd thing, have I mentioned that I love the USA?
Oh and yeah, every morning at school we have to swear some kind of oath to the American flag, that you have to know by heart. At first it kind off freaked me out, but now I just try to learn it and mumble through the parts that I don't know yet!
I've spent a lot of time this week talking to my Swedish friends, both in Sweden and other exchange students here in America! It means so much for me just to hear their voices and know that they miss and support me! Talking to my friends Sara and Elin who's also living here in the States makes me get ridd of the homesickness I might have every once in a while! Today I spent like two hours or so talking to Amilia in the killing hot sun, I nearly fainted haha! But it was worth every sunburn!
So I've known my hostsister Andrea for half-a-year now if emailing counts, that's kind of scary how fast the time has went by since februari. It felt like yesterday that EF called me when I was on a skii camp in Kittelfjäll, telling me that ythey got a hostfamily for me!
Well I guess I better go to bed now!
Good night!
Thanks for reading!
God bless you <3

My first American Sleepover!

Hi, sorry for not updatinf during the weekend! I've been busy and I didn't get much sleep either... First of all, me and Andrea have been over at Linda's house to celebrate her belated birthday! We had a really good day together, first of all Andrea styled our hair - that girl is amazing she should be a hairdresser!
I got to meet her grandparents and her great grandma Louise (hihi I like that name),
Later on we were going to an Italian restaurant, and we tried to get the hang of the guy
Linda's going out with. It ended up with me and Andrea going with her on her first date with the guy! We picked him up and went to the restaurant, Palucci's
Had a great night, Dakota was a really funny guy and they seemed to get along well too :) Linda enjoyed her birthday dinner a lot! 
Birthday girl and her date :)
After driving Dakota home, we went over to Linda's and spent the night there! My first American sleepover - we had a real typical girlsnight going on! It was really an amazing night, we hung out just talking and watching pretty little liars and eating pop corn! I've never seen pll beofore but I've wanted to for a long time now, so it was fun to finally do it! alltough we kinda jumped in at the middle of the season so I didn't get the hang of it!
After one night of not much sleep at all at Linda's couches we woke up early for church. The plans was that me and Andrea would come with Linda's family to her church, but we were to tired to go... We ended up going to church anyway though, but to another one in a town called Kingman. So we said goodbye to Linda. I didn't pay much attention to the service though because I was so freaking tired - allthogh I'm kind of used to goig to church after a sleepless night!
When we got home from church I was suprised by a huge family dinner at our house that I'd completly forgot all about! It was really nice thpugh - especially all the good food since the only thing I'd eaten for the whole day was a cinnabpn with icing for breakfast (I know it's so wierd - the Americans has taken the cinnamonbun andd put icing on it and they eat it for breakfast!!!). I got to meet a lot of nice relatives to my host family and got tp celebrate my host grandma's birthday!
 Me and Andrea had to leave the party though because we were going to the youth group at the Terre Haute church as usual. I love Terre Haute so much - I don't know why it's just something woth that city. Maybe it's because I feel more at home in the city than in the country since I grew up in Stockholm. (and it's nice to have service and internet on the cellphone!!)
Church was nice,felt like I really got to know the people in that youth group yesterday when we played a game that wasn't my strongest side (guessing characters in the bible)
After youth group me and Andrea went over to Cameron's for a bit and hung out with him and his grandma. Cameron's one of Andrea's best friends, and he's a really greaat kid I like him.
When we were on ou way home from Terre Haute we saw this car with a Texas licence plate. It made Andrea very excited abbout her trip to Texas in four week when she'll finally get to see her boyfriend again who lives there! I on the other hand will come with them, I'll stay at our science teacher's house while they're gone, x) She's crazy - but a good crazy I like her haha! :)
¨Well... I've got school tomorrow so thanks for reading!
Good night!
Godd bless <3

1 month in The States!

Hey there!
Today it's been exactly one month since I got here, to Indiana. Nine more months left to go! I can't believe it has all ready gone so much time! I'm getting more and more used to speaking English and the American culture everyday! One thing I'll never adopt from here though is all the sparkling clothes - for me, glitter is the biggest no-no ever when it comes to clothes!
I'm so happy it's friday, school just sucks the life out of me! I've been at the school's dancepractises and I'm officially in the dance team!c It's like being a cheerleader, but without doing all the kicks and flips! It's so much fun being a dancer - something I highly recomend for all future exchange students! We have pompoms and everything - and soon we're getting our new uniforms! Yaaay! So nexr week is our first homegame! Our danceteam has a danceclinic earlier that day for little kids (K through 5th grade) and then we'll perform with them at the game! I'm so excited - I'll have to learn the School-song-routine though!
So the schoolday today has been pretty similar to the other weekdays, I guess.Except that me and Andrea went to pick up my friend Sarah this morning and take her to school!
After school we were taking Linda for a birthday dinner in Rockville! I totally piged out when we got to the Mario bros restaurant!! It was so good and the quesediasI ordered was one of the best I've ever had!
Then we got back to school to watch Linda's cheerleader practise. We were all going to the same aw
football game so we just waited for the rest of the cheerleader!
Cool sunset tonight!
It was nice hanging out there and meet some new biuddies! Some random guy even asked for my nuimber! Feeel like a boss!
The boys weren¨nt good, as expected But we actuallt made tito 6 ponts against Fountain Center's 70 something... Hm I don't like to lose!
Andrea and I had to leave the game Early for going to Wallmart and get a birthday present forLinda whiledi we're sleeping over at tomorrow! It went good and then we finally got back home! And now I'm so tired that I can't even see what Im writing!
Gotta go to bed!
Thanks for reading>>!Q
1God bless <3
Cheer practise today!

First week of high school!

Hey! I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating for a while!
But my first school week has been so busy!
School is so different from what I thought it would be, but it's really to experience something so different from the Swedish school!
It's nice to be a senior - we get days off from school to visit colleges (which I obviously don't have to do!). It's very strict, but the teachers are nice and jokes a lot!
Instead of writing a novel about my first week, I'll just show you the pictures I've taken! :)
First day of school! Two peppeedd seniors in the Hallway!
My first American football game! Bring it on (let's pretend we did not lose with 70-0...)
Outfit the first day!
Having dinner at Up the Creek with Linda, Lyndsey, Taylor and Andrea!
Me, Rachel, Taylor and Andrea before football game, pepped girls!
Volleball game tonight! Ohyeah!
Oh my goodness Courtney, what did you do to Jake's car???? ;)
Today was Linda's birthday too - she's finally an adult! We had a feast to celebrate this and it was realy yummie!! I hope she enjoyed it and that she had a good day! :)))
Thanks for reading!
God bless!<3

School starts tomorrow!

Hey there!

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately!

So tomorrow is my first day at school! OH MY GOSH I AM SO NERVOUS! But I guess everything will be okey :)


The first thing we did tofay after getting up early on our last day of summerbreak, was picking an Amish man and drive him to Crawfordsville. After dropping him of we had breakfast at McDonald’s  - the American way! It was the first time I’ve eaten on McDonald’s in USA and I’ve never actually had their breakfast before!



The rest of the day we’ve been spending in Lafayette because guess what? Andrea got her braces out today! Just in time for the Senior pictures! While she was in there I took the time to use my Internet on my phone (which only works when I have signal = not at home) to call my friend Amilia in Sweden on viber. She and my other Swedish friends has been on a huge Swedish Christian festival so she had a lot to tell me about! It was nice to hear her voice again.


Smiling without braces!

My host mother had to change a tire, so we went to do that. It was a long wait there so my phone Internet come in handy there too. My friends has been spamming me on facebook since they found out that I have more access to Internet now!


When the tire was fixed we went back from Lafayette and stopped in Crawfordsville to eat lunch. We went to a fast food place called Long John Silver’s, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that everything they offered there was fried!


My mom had to run some arrends after lunch so we came with her. Then we had to go back home to get ready to go to school. This night was back to school night – which for me meant going to school, meet all the teachers and find my locker. Before we went Andrea fixed my hair in a really cool style! She’s going to do it again tomorrow before we go to school for the first school day! Love having an older sister!



All the teachers were really nice to me and Andrea helped me go through all my classes and introduced me to people. We didn’t stay long though – we have to get up early tomorrow!


When I got home I found out that my friends Felicia and Amilia had stayed up to like 2am Swedish time to skype with me, so I called them for a while! Boy I’ve really missed my crazy girls and we had so much fun talking on skype! We have a lot of plans for next summer, wow I only have things to look forward to for over a year now!

Amilia is an amazing photographer isn't she? ;)


But it’s getting reallt late and after all it’s school tomorrow! My first day at Turkey Run! And my friend Sara is also coming to the USA tomorrow! She’s going to be an exchange student in the town Pueblo, Colorado! Hope she has a safe flight! Read her blog


Anyway –

Thanks for reading!

God bless <3


Church and Terre Haute!


So yesterday was church day! I’m starting to get used to getting up early now, that’s good since school starting I guess!

So me and my host family got up and went to the Rockville Pentecostal church as usual. It was a good service, and I got to meet some new people too! One of them was Andrea’s friend Angel’s boyfriend Jonah, but I didn’t have time to talk to anybody after the service, because we were going to Terre Haute.


We left and went to Andrea’s favorite restaurant, Fazoli’s, for lunch. Then we went to the mall to get Andrea cinnamon rolls to take to school. Here in America, they have frosting on their cinnamon rolls, can you believe it? I didn’t even know they existed here! It’s pretty cool though because they’re really popular and they’re also originally from Sweden!


We went to the AT&T store later on to activate my new American phone number. And that meant that I from now on got my own internet access! Love it!! Will be able to have much more contact with family and friends in Sweden! My internet only works where I have signal though, which I haven’t got at home so if I want to skype I’ll have to do it while we’re in a town! Crazy huh? But I have unlimited texts and free calls within America, so all my exchange friends can call me as much as they want! And for everybody who knows me’s information I’ve got an other new phone number now, bu this is my real one that I will use for the entire year! Ask me in the facebook chat if you want it!

When we’d fixed my phone card, Andrea and I saw that we were late for our youth group at the Terre Haute church! It didn’t seem like a big problem for me at first, but the thing was that we had to go home in between to get Andrea’s car, because her parents were going home. But we worked it out, her parents dropped us off at church and went to the movies.


Youth group was really awesome, although I was forced to do the chicken dance because I was new. The youth leader told her story/testimony about her years in high school. It was very cool to listen to!

It took some time before we got picked up after church since my host parents went and saw a movie, so me and Andrea just sat there at the street in the middle of Terre Haute like two hobos! Apparently Terre Haute is not a safe place to be at at night, but nothing happened.


We went home and then Bradley came over for a while, the rest of the eavning I spent sitting on the porch just talking to my host mom and dad while Andrea was skyping with her boyfriend in Texas.

Thanks for reading                                                                                                                              

God bless <3


New phone number!

So this Saturday me, Andrea and my host mom went to Crawfordsville to get my new American phone contract with the At&T company.
My cool hairstyle with the curles that the hairdresser fixed at me was completly messed up, so I decided to try on my extensions that I got dyed at the same time as I dyed my hair. Since I've been washing my hair, it has gotten slightly lighter than the extensions, but it's still close enough to wear them on!
I really miss having long hair! Do not look like a "typical Swede" at all do I? ;)
We went to wallmart shopping after fixing my phone in Crawfordsville and I bought myself some American candy...
Yapp! I love Snickers! My sister is allergic to peanuts - so I haven't been able to eat it around her for over ten years! So now is finally the time - I just had to by a 12-pack!
Even though it was tempting just to eat all of the Snickers right away (they're all gone by now!) I went with Andrea and my host mom instead to eat lunch at the farmers market. The farmers market is pretty much what it sounds like - a place where farmers sells their homemade/homegrown food. Except this was an Amish market, so there where pretzels, sweetened popcorn as they do it in Germany, and a lot of other cool stuff. I tryed a pretzel with cinnamon, it was really good but very sweet though.
I don't know why but I was realy exhausted when we got home from the farmer's market so I took a huge nap!
I also found out that we weren't given a phone number to my new american Sism card so my phone didn't work. But it didn't bother me since we don't have signal at home anyway haha!
We had family over for dinner, Bradley and Maranatha plus aunt Conny and uncle Greg that we visited the other day. It was really nice to meet them again, We went over to Bradley's so aunt Conny could see their house and their animals and guess what we got to see?
Their little cat has got six more kittens, they're so extremly tiny! Six little newborns!
It was an exhausting day, and it was nice to come home and get some sleep!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

cooking for my family!

Hey there!
Sorry I haven't been bloging lately!
Can't blame that I've had too much to do either because both thursday and friday were really lazy days!
This friday we were supposed to go to Crawfordsville to get an American phone contract for my phone, but my host mom got a last minute job so she couldn't take us. Poor her, as soon as she got home again she got an other last minute call and ended up being away all day!
Good thing I made supper, so she didn't have to worry about that at least!
It's been cooler outside lately, so at least I don't dye from the heat by going outside anymore! me and Andrea just hung out around the house, watching tv and resting before school. I got pretty boored after a while though. But then I got plenty of time to talk to my Swedish friends, William and Robin, so I guess something good came out from that too! And not doing anything really madce me look forward to school! Can't believe shcool's actually starting tomorrow! Where did this summer go?
And I'd promised my host family that I'd cook meatballs for them, so I started out in the kitchen in the afternoon. Andrea helped me, and I let her taste the cake I was making for desert. She liked it - a very good grade to be her because my host sister is a very picky person (she can't eat everything due to her braces!)
I cooked the meatballs for them from meat that had come from their own cow - isn't that pretty cool huh?! And when my host mother finally arrived fom her work, she helped me make mashed potatoes. (They were really good!)
My meal was approved, which made me very happy! Iäll have to cook for them again sometime soon!
After dinner we went to the movies all four of us and saw a cartoon caled "Brave". It was a film about a girl and her relationship with her mother. It was really qute - made me miss my mommy! <3
Then we went home to eat the deser that I'd made for them! :)
That was my friday!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

Calm day

Today I haven't been doing much at all.
Just hanging around at the house, taken a large sleep-in this morning.

Andrea has got her yearbook and we've both got our school schedule! I'm so exited for school!

I talked to my friend Elin in South Dakota today too! It was really nice to hear her voice again and to hear about her first week here in the States!
Read her blog:
On Tuesday our friend Sara is coming to USA too, she's going to stay in Colorado!

We went over to Bradley and Maranatha after supper, they have a big bunch of tomatoes there that we helped them to make tomatoe sauce and juice of! Or actually it was only Bradley and my host mon who did that while we others sat and watched tv!

The storm from yesterday has come back and it's getting worse. There are actually a tornado warning for this area in Indiana! But the power and Internet is still working so I think we're fine for now!

Tomorrow I'm finally getting an American contract for my phone, and I'm cooking supper for my host families! Really hope it'll be good! Andrea's extremely picky with her food so I hope she'll like my meal!

Well thank ya'll for reading!
God bless <3

The kittens fought today - cat fight haha!

Cut my hair yesterday!

What's up!
Yesterday we had to get up early to go and get my physical test done.
So we went to Rockville where I was taking it.
Everything went well - looks like I'm pretty healthy!
After that we went to Wallmart in Crawfordsville to go and get grosseries! I'm cooking Swedich meatballs for my host family this week so we had to get the ingredients.
We had lunch at pizza hut and then we went to ge mine and Andrea's hair done att the hairdresser!
What I didn't know is that you actually have to be 18 to dye your hair here without parent's permission! So the hairdresser (who had a Swedish history behind her last name, Gustavsson) wanted to call my mom!
But we solved it, since my host mom is my legual guardian right now then she got to sign the paper!
Before and after! What do you think?
I don't know how but that hairdresser did something magical with my hair to give it body!
I challenged her to make my hair look like that, because I was sure it was impossible to make my hair look that thick! But she made it - she actually gave my hair body!
This is a happy girl with a new hairstyle - now I just have to recreate it!
Love the bluish black hair color too!
So it took four hours for both me and Andrea to get our hair done, I dyed my extensions too!
Andrea looked amazing in her new highlights!
It's a lot cheaper to go to the hairdresser here in America!
We spent the whole day there and Andrea bought some black hair extensions for herself too!
We got a text from Cody, he asked us to come to the movies and see Dark Knight Rises.
So we went home really quick to get fixed, before we went to Rockville to join them.
Two happy girls with new hair styles!
The funny thing is that Andrea's hair ids natuarlly culry, and my hair is straight!
We've switched haha :)
I got to meet a guy named Cree that Cody and the other guys has been talking about a lot! Nice to finally but a name to the face! He works at the cinema!
Outside the cinema in Rockville
The film was really good! It's defenetly worth seeing! Allthough I couldn't get much of what they said since they spoke with those masks that made their voices unclear!
When we went home we a storm hit. It started to rain very much, wich is good for all the dryed out corn here. We drove home and saw how the lightning keept flashing and lighting up the sky all of a sudden!
The lightning on our way home
Thanks for reading
God bless <3

H&M in Indiana!

Sorry I haven't been on for a cupple of days! An other storm hit yesterday and made our internet stop working!
But I've been having a really good time though!
Two days ago, we went shopping in a city called Lafayette. I was so excited to go because I know that they've just opened an H&M store at the mall there! So I took my hot siter and host mom there so they could see what store every Sweed get clothes from!
Of course, it wasn't that different from the Swedish H&M stores. They didn't have all things the Swedish stores have and it actually were more expensive here! But it was nice to getting a vibe of home! And it's good to have H&M near where you can get the basics.
Of all stores we went to that day, H&M was actually the only one where I bought anything!
Yupp - call me mainstream but I bought hipster glasses! Love them! <3
Andrea got a pair of converse too before we went back again to pick up two Amish guys and drive them.
Later on, we went for dinner at Bradley's! (My host brother)
He'd made a stew and a rabbit direct from his farm! I didn't try the rabbit though.
Andrea's friend Jonathan is staying with Bradley and his wife Maranatha, so I got to see him again too!
It was a nice night and Andrea and I took the fourwheeler home after a while!
That was about all we did this Tuesday! Love being in america!
Was really homesick that day though, glad it's better now!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today (Swedish time) is My daddy's birthday! Happy birthday dad! (My bioloical dad) My host mom helped me send a post card to him, But I guess it won't ger there for week or so. I'm getting homesick, I wish I could at least meet dad and tell him happy birthday! And tomorrow the fruzon festival starts! It's a big Christian festival in sweden and many of my friends are going! But I'm looking forward to my SENIOR YEAR that starts in a week instead! I'm so excited!! So tomorrow we'll get our hair done for school! I'll have to buy haircolour too and dye my hair! We'll probably go to Lafayette, a big city about an hour away, this week to shop so I'll get it there! I heard that they just opened an H&M store there so then I can buy the exact right haircolour! Nice to have some stores from home here in Indiana - especially H&M! I'll be a great income for that store! It was actually pretty cool here today. Felt like a warm summer day in Sweden! Our kittens are enjoying the cooler weather too!">" class="image">">" class="image">">" class="image">

I'm gonna be a SENIOR!

Hey there!
So today I found out that this year will be a Sernior year for me! This is a very happy girl writing!
This means I'll get more days off from school, I'll get to graduate and go to prom! Ohyeah!!
So today we've been at my school to get me registered. I got to pick my classes too! Or well I almost got them picked for me, but anyway this is what I'm taking:
*US goverment
*Earth space science
*Algebra 2
*Advanced choir
*English 12
I got to see my school too, and meet some of the teachers. I can't wait untill I get to see my first American football game!
Yapp your read that right! My school's name is Turkey Run!
Typical American school busses! <3 I'll ride in my host sister's sportscar to school though! ;)
I'm so nervous for first day in school!
Tomorrow me Andrea and maybe Linda are getting our hair done! :)))
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

Warm day in the state park!

Hey there!
Today was one of those killing warm days here in Indiana!
They've warned for a storm coming - hope it brings some rain!
So today me and Andrea had a lot to do! We'd promise a guy named Dakota that we were coming to his birthday party, so we went there. None of us hardly knew anyone there, and then suddenly everybode disappeared! So we went for lunch since we hadn't eaten anything for the whole day. We went to a place called Sugar v alley and had lunch. I had ice-cream too, felt like I've earned it since I've been very strict with not eating fastfood!
They have good ice-cream here in USA - but I got inoscious after eating it due to the heat!
We went back to the birthday party at the state park, but everybody had disappeared again by walking trails in the forest. So we decided to do that too!
It was really warm, so walking trails was very exhausting. I'm not in my best shape either after being sick and just gone by car everywhere! So it was a good exerzise!
A part of the trail. It used ti be a big stream here but since it's so dry here in Indiana there's merely any water!
A scary ladder!
it became to warm for me after walking and climbing for a while so I nearly fainted... And we still had a long way left to go! I acrually thought that I would like faint and then dye right there because my body really couldn't deal with the heat! And I had no water either!
I don't know how we made it through the entire trail but somehow we did!
We just rushed away from the birthday party and sat in Andrea's car with turned-on AC to cool off!
We went home for a while to just get some energy back from the exhausting trail before going to the bonfire at Cody's house in Rockville!
We couldn't have a bbonfire though because of the fireban due to the drought. But we just hung out with Cody, Taylor, Lonney, Brandon and some guy called Harveson. It was nice - a lot of mosquitos though!! 
And now we're finally home after a good night in Rockville :)
Church tomorrow - means getting up early!
So gotta go get ready for bed!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Back in the Cornfields again!

Hey there! What's up?
Feels kind of nice to be back in Indiana alltough the trip was fantastic :)
I had a large and well deserved sleep-in today, since we had to wake up at 6am yesterday!
I went up and made lunch/breakfast for me and Andrea. My intention was making an omelett but it turned out scrambled eggs...
Today's outfit,, wearing my new shorts I got the other day! Love them!!!
When we'd finished eating, my host mom picked us up in her car to go to Crawfordsville. She was taking an Amish women there. When we'd dropped off the Amish women at the store she was going to, we had to pick up Andrea's car at the collision center. It was repainted so it was all shiny and looked brand new!
Andrea's car after reperation - I want a car like her's too!! Daddy...?
After that, we went school supply shopping in Crawfordsville a Wallmart. Man, that's a big store - you could prbably live there if it wasn't for the freezing air conditioner! Can't believe school starts next Tuesday! I'm really excited, even thought it means getting up early!
You can never get too ready for school can you?
On our way back home we stopped to get Andrea some lunch at Wendy's (a fastfood place) I personally considered the omelett as my lunch since I want to take it easy with the fastfood so I just got a water. Or she actually got the water for me!
When we got home we rided some on Andrea's forwheeler. It was funny - and bumpy! We started out by riding a trail in the forest, and after that we paid Andrea's brother Bradley a visitl. He wasn¨t home but we said hello to his wife before we went home again.
Tonight we've been eating pickup food from pizzahut, I feel like a real American here! Tomorrow we're going to walk trails with a friend named Kendall, and then tomorrow night we're going to a bonfire with a guy named Brandon. They're both really nice guys!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Creation Museum

Hey there!
Today I had to go up really early, 6am! Good practise for school I guess!
We were at the Creation museum today, a muesum about scientific evidence for that God created the Erath.
First we went to their gardens, it was beautiful! They had all kinds of flowers and ponds.
my host dad took a picture of me standing above a waterfall
We had breakfast at the museum and got to hear one a speach from a proffesor about the Evolution and Creation theory. It was very intresting! It's nice to get some scientific evidence for your belief, and there are actually many evidences that prove the Creation theory.  
One of the pictures at the Creation Museum
After the tour we went to see an other speach from an Australian proffesor, but I was so tired that I fell asleep... Too bad because that was intresting too!
But I got these books really cheap in the pocket shop so now I can just geek apologetic at home instead I guess x) (apologethic means defensing christianity by scientific arguments)
The books I got today :))))
When we'd listened to the speach and bought our books it was time to go home. I was so tired so it was nice to just sit in the car. We stopped by a fastfood place to eat on or way back to Indiana. For the rest of trip I was asleep at Andrea's green fluffy pillow (yeah she actually brought a pillow on our vacation)
And tonight I've just been taking it easy, hanging out eating dinner with my host family. I skyped with Amilia and chatted with some friends in Sweden too. Miss them - and frizon will be in a week (a festival in Örebro, Sweden) I'd love to go but I'm glad I'm here!
Now me and Andrea are just hanging out at my room talking, love having a sister my age! <3
Well gotta go and be social here! I'll uppdate more soon!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Thumbs up for Cincinnati!

Hey there!
So right now I'm just chilling out at my hotel room with Andrea! It's the second the of our roadtrip to Kentucky/Ohio! I've got this major cold for almost a week now and it won't give in because of all the ariconditioning! 
So we're been spending the day in Cincinnati, which apparenly is a part of Ohio state!  x) It's hard to keep track on the boarders! I really like the city, it's defenetly worth seeing!
A street in Cincinnati
We started out with going to this Underground Railroad Museum, wich is a museum about slavery in the American history and also about Americas declaring of independence. It was intresting, alltough I all ready knew a lot about the slavery. But the museum was very informative!
At rhe Underground Railroad Museum
Me and Andrea at museum, with Cincinnati in the background!
After the museum we went to a restaurant in Cincinnati to have lunch! And we were given free mentos at the street in the city too - made my day! Mentos are like the best thing for my cold! Andrea and my host dad Brad went for "the best ice-cream in Cincinnati", wich appearently wasn't that good, before we went back to the bus with the Amish guys we are on the trip with!
Just after getting back to our hotel on the Kentucky sde of the boarder, we decided to go shopping!
So we went to the Florence mall just ten minutes away and I could swear that if my wallet had feelings it would be crying right now!
The Florence mall had all the awesome American stores! But I tried to take it easy and not buying anything. That went pretty good until we got into Forever21, my favourite store! I bought this amazing crop top and a jeans jacket that I really will need for school! I've said it before and I say it again - I love American shopping!
This look is so gonna be my favorite outfit for the next coming weeks!!!
Now we've just got back from having dinner with the Amish guys at the hotel! I'm completly worn out due to my cold, so I guess I'll just be taking it easy tonight!
Thanks for reading everybody!
God bless! <3

Hello Kentucky!

Heeeeeey everyone!
So right now I'm on this awesome roadtrip to Kentucky with my family! We're living at the Holiday Inn somewhere in the Cincinnati area!
Today was Ellen's last day here too, she got picked up at the house just after we'd left.
It took us about three hours to get her from home, and we picked up some Amish guys on the way who were going with us. We stopped near Indianapolis to fix Andrea's virus effected computer and to pic up som fast-food lunch too.
But three hours later I could see this qute little sign just after passing the river that makes the boarder between Indiana and Kentucky!
Wohoo! We crossed the boarder to Ohio to get here too! So now I can say that I've been to three different states in one day! Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio! Sweet!
Our hotel is really nice by the way! It has a swimmingpool and everything and best of all - signal and free wi-fi!
So I'm gonna be reachable again for a cupple of days at least!
Just after getting here we went out on this Riverboat ride at the Kentucky river! We had to drive trhough Cincinnati to get there, so I got to see Cincinnati too! Love that city!
Me and Andrea at the boat!
So it was a really nice Riverboat ride, we passed Cincinnati too with the boat! And then we eat a really good dinner on the lower deck! I met som curious persons at the boat, among them this woman from Michigan that was really sweet! I love the Michigan accent!!
 I had a really nice day and it will be nice to get some sleep in this luxury hotel bed! (but my bed at the Woodard's is actually bigger!)
Good night!
Cincinnati by night! Bueatiful, isn't it?
There was some game going on at their arena too, so you could hear all that noice coming fromm the audience!
PS: My friend Elin from my school in Sweden is flying to the USA right now! She'll be spending her yeart in South Dakota! Best of luck to her and follow her blog at ---->
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

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