Pepping for the first homegame!

Ciao bellas and bonitas!
Oh who am I fooling I'm here to speak English!
My year is going better and better, I'm getting used to school, I cheer for our football team at the games allthough we never win, and I'm making new friends every day! :)
So tomorrow is our first homegame! Waaaaaah so exciting - GO WARRiORS! Warriors is what our team is called! But the our boys won't be alone out there because guess what? The danceteam is gonna perform, so I'll have my first performance tomorrow! Yeaaah!
We're having a dance clinic for little girls, form four years and older. So we'll teach them two routines that we're going to do tomorrow out on the field! It's going to be mega awesome! I've gotten a danceshirt and shorts in red in columbia blue, which are our school colors along with white. So that's what I'm wearing tomorrow!
So this is what our hallway looked like when I got to school today.
Today was senior class-president election and the entire senior-hallway was bombarded with these "wote-for-Lauren" posts! The creepy thing is that Lauren told me that she didn't put them up, so some random guy must have stayed late from school last night just to put up notes about her! That's creepy...
Haha so Cree got this prank idea about putting all the vote-for-Lauren posters on Lauren's locker haha! He really is a crazy kid, but he's a really good guy! Haha but he might have to cut down on his coffee because he's hyper like 24/7! x)
I wore my extensions to school the other day, I threw on my new dress to that too!
Here in America wearing extensions is not a wierd thing, have I mentioned that I love the USA?
Oh and yeah, every morning at school we have to swear some kind of oath to the American flag, that you have to know by heart. At first it kind off freaked me out, but now I just try to learn it and mumble through the parts that I don't know yet!
I've spent a lot of time this week talking to my Swedish friends, both in Sweden and other exchange students here in America! It means so much for me just to hear their voices and know that they miss and support me! Talking to my friends Sara and Elin who's also living here in the States makes me get ridd of the homesickness I might have every once in a while! Today I spent like two hours or so talking to Amilia in the killing hot sun, I nearly fainted haha! But it was worth every sunburn!
So I've known my hostsister Andrea for half-a-year now if emailing counts, that's kind of scary how fast the time has went by since februari. It felt like yesterday that EF called me when I was on a skii camp in Kittelfjäll, telling me that ythey got a hostfamily for me!
Well I guess I better go to bed now!
Good night!
Thanks for reading!
God bless you <3


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