Dirty Wotk at the Crossroads!

Last week I was helping at a yardsale with our church in Rockville!
We didn't get very much sold so it was nice just to go and hang out with the youthgroup and Pastor Shawn (Andrea's cousin).
Church put a big end to my healthy week when we had pizza for lunch and plus all the sweets we all ate while we were waiting for customers! But oh well I'll do it some other time ... soon!
We didn't get a lot of things sold, it was a nice day though and I had a lot of fun with the youth group!
Andrea and my host mom picked me up just before it was time to close. They took me home so me and Andrea had time to get ready to go and see Taylor and Cree act in the covered bridge melodrama in Rockville.
The play was awesome! And I even got to take pictures with the cast! Taylor and Cree both were really good actors! Cree played a real redneck hooshier, and Taylor played a snobby teenage girl.
It was just like on the plays on broadway where the crows says Sssssssss when the bad guy comes in!
The threw money on the stage too, and Cree got a coin thrown in the forehead, Poor thing, but he didn't barely lose character at all! The show must go on I guess!
Me and Leoni/Taylor/My American! Love how they fixed her hair!
It was her first play - she did a really good job!
Mhookie/Cree! This guy should seriously make a career out of acting!
After that something really random happened. A guy from our school, Logan, all of a sudden just popped up and started tickling her!! I didn't even know that he'd come to the play! But he started chasing her around so she had to leave all her stuff and run from him. Guess what the guy did? He freaking stole her car keys and drove away with her car!!!!! I was like: okey so we're now stranded in Rockville thanks to Logan, he better not wreck the thing!
But he just drove around the block, Andrea's car is really nice so if I'd steal a car that would probably be my first choice too! The only thing was that when he parked it, he scraped against something because he wasn't used to drive a car that low. Andrea yelled at him pretty good after that, and then we went to Cody's house nearby with a bunch of people.
We didn't stay very long there, because after a while there came more and more people. But I got to eat some delicious birthday cake and meet some new people so it was fun as long as it lasted!
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Remedy Drive Concert!

Bon jour tout le monde!
Hello, so I have loads to blog about since last Thursday and Friday we had fall break! The famous covered bridge  festival where in action and I kept busy all the time!
So Thursday my host mom and Andrea had to go to Lafayette to get Andrea's new retainer at the ortodonist, sov they took me with them. On our way there we stopped by one of the covered bridge festivals for food and some shopping at the different flee-markets!
After that we went on to Lafayette and had lunch at Fazolli's, Andrea's favorite restaurant!
We still had some time to kill so we went to the mall where we found this hilarious sign in the parking-lot!
Yep I totally think she's worthy that title!  :)
She took a picture with me and the sign too, and right then a truck driver did the "hey beautiful!"-whistle at me! Oh my goodness...!
I found myself a really nice pair of jeans but guess what - I was too tall for them!! Gosh darn it!
Then it was time to go the ortodonist so we went there and got Andrea her new lime-green retainer! It looks really cool!
At the eavning our church had an event at the bridge-fest called Rock the Bridge, which ment a concert with remedy drive! So me and Andrea went over there and totally rocked the concert together with our church buddies from Rockville and Terre Haute! Haven't seen the people from Terre Haute for ages so I really enjoyed hanging out with them again! They're nice and funny people!
We got to take pictures after with the band-members! This is the basist who's from Chicago, and Brittney from Terre Haute :) 
The concert was awesome, and there weren't that many people there so we all could stand in the very front and dance! Remedy drive gave us quite a show allthough the crowd was really small - they're really good live. And by the way for everyone who doesn't know who they are - it's a christian band that does worship songs in rock n' roll style!
We helped out afterwards to take down the stage and to get the band ready to leave. Oh well, I wasn't very much help because I couldn't lift away all the heavy instruments to the van!
I was worn out after a whole day out and no dinner so when we got back I ade myself some food and then went straight to bed!
So my first concert in America - check! Hope there'll be a next one soon and that it will be just as awesome as this one!
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Girlsnight in Terre Haute!

Hey! I've had a buch of stuff going on lately and it's just started to get warm again outside!
This Sunday, it actaully was so warm that I had an ice-cream!
Last week I went shopping with Lizzie, Kendall, Chelsie and Jessi! We had an awesome night out together in Terre Haute!
I waited for them to go with them after school, and then Lizzie picked me up from school so we could meet up with the other girls.It took quite a bit before we could go, because we had to get gas and plan for the night. Since we all had differet curfews, me and Liz had to drive a seperate car, because the other wanted to go to the late night movies.
We got to the mall just about an hour before it closed, so we didn't have a lot of time looking around in the stores. All for of them where shopping for gifts for their boyfriends, and I assisted them. I got myself a cheap pair of Uggs fir the winter too, which is really needed because it's going to get really cold soon!
After the mall, they took me to Texas Rhode House for some really good food! Liz seemed to enjoy her's too! :) She's a cutie!
Kendall was hungry too :) She asked me to say hi from her on my blog!
I ate some really good chicken and a bunch of other delicious american food! Then it was time to leave because Kendall, Jessi and Chelsie had to go and see their movie! They were going to see Pitch Perfect, too bad I couldn't join because I really want to see that film!
Lizzie brought me back to her house, where we picked up her mom so they could take me home together. The weather was awfull so I had a hard time guiding the way to my house, but we got there! I had so much fun with the girls, hopefully we'll do it again soon!
All five of us at Texas Rhode House!
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Senior Pictures - Fall Session

So last week I had some of my Senior pictures taken!
I did everything to make them perfect - redyed my hair and had my hairdresser styling it, brought an American flag and I even threw on my new skinny jeans so my outfit would look realy american!
Too bad the weather didn't agree with us that day, it was really cloudy when I went in to Crafordsville to get my hair done. And Andrea's cousin, Susan, who was taking our pictures, couldn't take them because of the weather. But we decided to take the pictures ourselves instead :)
Some of the pictures of me!
Here's some of Andrea's pictures:
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Senior Night

Hey... Shame shame on me for not updating in like forever!
But my schedule has been busy busy busy lately!
Last friday was our last football game, I can't believe that tme is going so fast! They've all ready started to put up Christmas decorations in the stores!
Here's some pics from the game :)
Unfortunatley we lost our game, but we've made a really good season to be us! Three won games, one of them was our homecoming! We haven't won our homecoming in I don'ät know how many years so I'm a really proud Warrior fan!
This game we had a huge cheerblock, with cowbells, facepaint and even an chief mascot as you see in the picture above! We had so much fun, and we yelled cheers untill we lost our voices! I'm so going to miss fotball games on friday nights :/
This night was also Senior Night, which meant honoring of all the Seniors participating in fall sport (including dance and therefore me) So we were supposed to walk out on the football field in our uniform together with our parents and then be presented for infor the whole school one by one. Unfortunately my host parents arrived just a minute too late to walk with me, so I had Andrea escorting me instead.The principal even offered to walk me, but it was easier just having Andrea doing it instead.
Worl's best host sister evaaaaah!
Andrea took a picture of me and Ms Seitz, the teacher that talked my host family into having an exchange student! She's the funniest and best teacher ever! She was really speeded for the game, and I look like a giant compared to her hihi...
We also had a performance with the Dance crew during half-time. We'd gotten new uniform pants and everything so we were really pepped! We performed to Good Girl  by Carrie Underwood, really country and really American!
Andrea took some in-action pictures of us dancing, I'm the really charming one to the left ;)
Are awesome Senior dance team, love these girls!
From the left: Linda, Chelsie, Hanna Smith me  Morgan, Hannah Delp and Lizzie
Now we're just waiting for basketball season to begin, and we're getting a new uniform too! A dress this time! Oh lalaa!!
I had a blast the rest of the night cheering for our Warriors!
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Getting Americanized!

Hey my dear blog!
Yesterday I went shopping with Lauren in Crawfordsville! We've planned for it for weeks and we were supposed to bring Lizzie and Kendall too but it never worked out with our crazy schedules! And I forgot that my dancee practice was moved to yesterday, that's the reason that we went to Crawfordsville and not to the mall in Terre Haute (Crafordsville is like 20 minutes away while Terre Haute is an hour drive)
There's no mall in Crawfordsville because it's a little bitty town, but it has a cupple of stores that we went to. One of them was Goodie's where I tried on a bunch of stuff. Lauren was determined to Americanize me so she picked out American outfits for me.
She made me try on a pair of skinny jeans, and they were actually not that horrible on me! (I really don't like jeans because they're so uncomfy and the don't look good on me!)
I ended up bying the skinny jeans, a crop top that was amazingly cheap and a really warm comfy brand-sweater on sale. It was a productive tour!
After our mini-shoppingtour Lauren took me to a place that Americans call "B-dubs" (BWW - Bufallo Wild Wings) Which is a very cool looking bar where they serve chicken wings. A lot of my friends have been talking about taking me there so it was fun to finally get to go! I really liked the place too, some of their chicken wings were really spicy though!
After that a quick look at Maurice's, an other store, and then we headed back for my dance practice. We went to her house real quick and showed her mom what we got, Lauren got a cute sweater.
She brought me back to school and droped me off at dance where everyone wanted to see my new clothes, they liked my jeans haha! We only had one hour practice, which was really nice because I had an algebra test today to study for!
Today I wore my new clothes to school and almost everyone I know in school complimented me and my jeans. They were all chocked that I wore jeans haha, can't believe they thought it was such a bíg deal! So I guess I'll wear 'em again soon, not too soon though because the slid down a lot since I haven't got a belt yet- That is on my priority list for next shopping tour!
Friday is our last home football game and I'll be dancing. It's senior night too, and this weekend I'll hopefully get my senior pictures taken together with Andrea! Her cousin Susan that I went shopping with a week ago is taking them for us! Need to pick out some outfits and get my hair done before that!
Wanrt it to stay this pretty untill the weekend for my pictures! (this is our driveway by the way, I'm standing by the mailbox)
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God bless <3

Homecoming week!

Hey everyone in Sweden, USA, Guatemala or wherever you may be!
This week was our homecoming and it was definetly awesome!
Homecoming week means dress-up days, tournaments among the grades, and of course the big hommecoming game and dance!
Too bad I didn't have access to my Swedish wardrobe this week, because I couldn't go all-in for the different dress-up themes!
Monday was stomp out bullying day and we were supposed to wear blue. All my blue clothes was in the laundry except for my blue onepiece, which I threw on until Andrea told me it was senior picture day. And it's not happening that I'm wearing my onepiece for our senior class picture my echange year - big no!
I didn't dress up for tuesday either because it was neon-day and I don't have any neon clothes here! I didn't realize that the whole dress-up thing was a part of the tournament against the underclassmen grades, then I would have tried harder!
Wednesday, on the other hand I went all in. It was missmatch day - a theme even possible for me and my limited wardrobe! Here's how I looked!
First two different lipsticks and then totally unmathcing patterns on my clothes! Hahah
Wednesday we had our big Warrior Spirit night, which meant powderpuff tournament for girls and volleyball tournament for boys. It was so much fun!
Before and after me and Kayla painted our faces haha!
We were out for blood! Everyone wanted to take the Juniors down since they stole a bell from us a cupple of weeks ago!
Our boys defending our senior pride in volleyball, too bad we lost against the freshmen with one point...
 Girl Senior cheerblock! Seniors Seniors what you say? - We're backing our team all the way!
The freshmen are amazingly athletic - they won the whole spirit night. They beat us with one point in volleyball and one touchdown at overtime powderpuff (girl version of american football) But the Juniors came last, which satisfied most of the Seniors. We came 2nd.
Thursday was Eighties-day and I tried to dress up the best I could with a headband and soe high-waisted hotpants with leggins and belt, plus a sweatband on my writst! Got yelled at in school though for not dressing "school-appropriate", because shorts with tights under is wayyy too unmodest for Turkey Run.
And finally Friday came with everything that ment! All students wore their class shirts and last period we had a pep session with the band playing and cheerleaders performing! It was awesome!
I stayed in school before the football game and had supper with my friends Rachel and Nolan.
It rained and was cold like crazy so the game wasn't very enjoyable - nobody was in our cheerblock because everybody was spread out everywhere. I tried to watch the game with Chelsie and Jessi and bought hot chocolate as often I could to warm my freezing fingers.
But amazingly enough we won our game!! Nobody thought it was even possible and we haven't won our homecoming for I don't know how many years! We scored 26 to 12 against a pretty good school called Covington and that makes our third won game this season! We're getting better!
After that me and Chelsie ran into the school to warm up (for some reason we were not alllowed inside during the game so the teachers locked everyone of us out)
Our homecoming king and queen was Cree and Jessica. Jessi really deserved to win, her dress was stunning!
Our selected nominates for homecoming king and queen! The four pairs in the middle are the Senior cupples, Cree and Jessi didn't even come together. cree went with Taylor and Jessica's date was her boyfriend Riley.
Senior homecoming girls, Linda, Morgan, Taylor and Jessi
Taylor and Cree matched their outfits for the eavning
Seniors won the whole Homecoming week tournament with ten more points than the freshmen, hahahaha good thing so we can keep our Seniority pride!
This weekend I was at a babyshower, it was really cool I've never been to one before!
I won this goodie-bag for guessing the right sixe of the soon to be mommy's tummy haha!
And Yesterday was my beautiful mom's birthday! Miss you mom, I love you! 56 and still young!
Well this post is like one mile long all ready so I better get finished! Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Warior Up hahahahahaa!!!!

Hey! People have been complaining about me not updating enough, I'm really trying but it's hard to keep it up! Sorry I'll try to get better!
So this week I've been ordering my cap and gown and some other things for graduation! Oh my gosh this is so exciting - my year is just flying away! I've also ordered a senior necless and a powderpuff-shirt! Powderpuff is like a girl version of American football - I'm just praying that I won't get mangled when I play it!
I've also been celebrating two of my friend's birthdays by baking these:
These are the American version of Swedish "chokladbollar" I guess! Chocolate rolls! Brought them to school for Lizzie's and Lauren's birithday so people in school could try them! Lauren decided to return the favor by making cupcakes and bring them to school the next day! Haha our table is getting spoiled! The next day she also brought pizza for her birthday that she let everyone have! I might have to book two seats for my flight back to Sweden next year haha!
The house feels really empty right now because Andrea and my host mom Lisa went to Oklahoma Wednesday, and they won't be back untill tomorrow/tonight! They went down there to see Andrea's cousin Jeremy's graduation for the military, and then they went on to Fort Worth in Texas to see Andrea's boyfriend. I hope they've had a good time!
Me and my host dad Brad has done everything to keep ourselves busy while Andrea and Lisa were gone! We've been to Lisa's grandmother's funeral (she passed away last weekend, I've only met her once though), and we've been visiting a lot with Brad's sister Conny and her husband Greg and daughter Susan. Yesterday me and Susan went to Terre Haute shopping, she's a bit older than me but we really get along!
Turning leaves - this is from a festival in a town called Thorntown that me and Brad went to yesterday before Susan, Greg and Conny came over so me and Susan could go shopping!
The most exiting part of this week thought has been the football game Friday! We had a performance half-time with dance - and believe it or not but our team actually made the first touchdown! Our guys are getting better!
Me, Morgan and Courtney - ready to dance! Courtney is not in dance though but she was cheering in our cheerblock!
I stayed in school for the game since I didn't have a ride anywhere now when Andrea is gone! I found some people to hang out with before the tailgating, which is when everybody pulls up with their trucks before the gae at the school parking lot and have a picknick. We tailgated with dance and it was a lot of fun!
I lost my danceuniform shorts though - which led to panick and changing of the uniform for the performance! I looked for them everywhere but couldn't find them. It turned out they'd fallen out of my bag... Oopsiee...
 The Tribe - Our very own cheerblock! Warrior up!
It was so much fun cheering with the cheerblock - lost my voice big time!
We did our performance to the band playing Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Cree, the leader of the cheerblock even did the creepy laugh after screaming Warrior up or something like that instead of burn it black!
It was a nice night!
Me and some of our Senior Dance girls! Go big red!
We lost the game though... But still proud over our touchdown in the beginning!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

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