Got in trouble...

Hey there!
This week I've got my first detention, got attacked by my cats, and missed out on the only football game where we actually had a big chance of winning!
Ok so this Tuesday I was sent to the office by Ms, Seitz and I got lunch detention! Before my parents freaks out about this I just want to say that the only thing I did was forgetting my planner at home haha ... We have to take our planner to every class because we need it if we have to leave the classroom. And this perticular tuesday I forgot it in our kiktchen because I had it for ordering my Senior cap and gown for graduation the day before. Of course that was the only day I really neeeded it for completing a lab in my Earth Space class (our group apparently did the wrong lab and had to do it all over again) So yeah I got in trouble, I'm a baaaaaaaad kid haha! The most ironic thing was that we apparently were done with the lab, so we didn't have anything to do there anyway...
I'll never forget that stupid thing again...
The lunch detention wans't that bad anyway, I jujst couldn't sit with mmy friends and eat. I had to sit by the principal and eat my lucnh alone for 25 minutes. Well couldn't go to high school for a year without that experience right? ;)
Today's adorableness factor:
I went to my hostbrother Bradley's the other day, and his kittens has gotten sooooo big! This is one of the youngest, when I saw it last it was less than a day old and not bigger than my thumb! It's still really tiny and it litteraly doesn't weigh anything!  I just wanted to take it home with me - but I resisted! We allready have to kittens at our place that now seem to be really big and heavy!
My kittens doesn't like me though... When I talked to my program manager the other day, they jumped on my back and hung lack a sac by clawing my shirt! Then they did the same thing when I was talking to my IEC a cupple of days later!
Yesterday I was going to our football game against a school called Riverton Park. They're the only team we actually beat last year, breaking our 4 years in a row losing streak lol!
But it was storming really bad during the afternoon - it was hailing, showering rain and thunder, everything you can imaginge! Suddenly it stopped though so I decided to go anyways, Andrea drove me to school where a girl named Hannah picked me up.
Me and Hannah got caught in the storm again on our way to the game though. They game was interrupted because of thunder so we just sat in the Riverton Park school parking lot waiting. After a while we diceded it was no idea waiting so we went to have Subway in Rockville. Later on we heard that the game was called off and that they were playing it today morning instead. Too bad, we really wanted to see that game and now neither Hannah or I could :( I hope they win at least!
Subway <3
Today has been a lazy day so far with a large sleepin. I've been skyping some with my family and relatives in Sweden. They're having a party to celebrate my aunt's birthday so I got to talk to them all, I miss them!
I'll try to update more soon!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


Hey, I'm so sorry for the long time with no updates!
I've been doing a lot, and it's allmost two months since I moved to the States!
I've been spending laborday two weeks ago, shopping with my host sister and her friend Linda in the city Lafayette. I didn't buy much though, just a perfume from Victoria's secret (I love it!!!!) and underwear from H&M.
My new amazing perfume!!!!
Yesterday was an awesome day, I was spending the whole day performing at an event called Purdue band day. Purdue is the most popular college in Indiana and it's situated in Lafayette. So we and the band were going there to cheer for Purdue football team at their first homegame of the year, It was really cool, but yet exhausting. I had to go up 5am cause we had to be at school 5:45 for breakfast before leaving with the busses.

Turkey Run looks kinda creepy at 6 o clock in the morning ...
Me, Anika and Rachel were tired on the bus. The girl beside me, Macy, fell asleep.
When we got to Purdue University we got to warm up with the Purdue orchestra. Then we had to change to our uniforms before having our lunch.
The Purdue all American marching band
Later on we went to take our places in the football stadium and wait for the game to begin. It got really warm, and even my pale arms got a little sun tanned.
At the football game - Purdue Boilers won big with ike 44-16 or something like that. Good feeling to actually get to cheer for the winning team for once!
Boiler up!
Me and Tiffany cheerin'
We did our performance at half time, and apparently my face made it on the big screen! Hahah and I screwed up so badly - I did every move in the wrong rythm. Well at least I smiled!
The Seniors in the dance team
It was a really good day - It was nice to get home and sleep when it was over though!
I talked to my mom on the busride home and everybody stared at me while I was speaking Swedish!
Today I've just been to church and chilling out at home - getting ready for another school week. This weekend wasn't even a weekend, didn't get any sleep at all :(
I've been talking to some swedish friends today and they're just as tired as me - welcome back partys at all the schools and all my christian friends have been on a christian cruice with a lot of cool concerts like hansam and pkanetshakers. They all haven't been sleeping for 40 some hours so I guess I should be happy for the 5 hours I got last night!!
I'll try to update more soon!
Monday here I come - please don't eat me alive ^^
God bless <3
Thanks for reading

Dance Clinic

What's up?
This is a zoombie Louise writing. 
Imagine 57 little energic girls 4-10 years old in a gym for 5 hours. That was my friday night!
Of course dance clinic was a lot of fun, and it was awesome to perform at our very first homegame!
The girls were really excited too! It was exhausting though, I was allready tired to death when I woke up this morning! Good thing that Dallas was nice and gave me some american candy in Earth space so I could survive the day! Had a lot of my first tests too, but it wasn't hard! :) I think I've got this!
We got to go earlier from our last class today because we had a pep session for the home football game!! It was awesome!
At the pep session, the cheerleading team performed and we all just raised our warrior spirit!
After that me and the rest of the danceteam had to rush to the gymand take care of the 57 little girls at the dance clinic. They had so much energy that I got tired just from watching them! So we did our thing, thaught them the routines and then we had to teach them the school song. I can tell ya that gym got loud from all those girls screaming at the same time!
Yepp that's our school song!
After eating some pizza dinner and getting a lot of hugs from the little ones, it was time to go out on the field! Most of the girls were really excited but a lot of them was tired and wanted to go home so they started crying. We did our best to cheer them up again but some of them just broke down even more. I sat and hold this little girl called Maddie, and she was devastated. Finally she got to see her familly for a bit so it all worked out!
Rest of the girls were mega cheerful (even though we didn't make a single point for the whole game..) So we had to keep them amused and cheerful for the first half part of the game. It vwas ana exhausting job and the girls just wouldn't stop screaming. But we made it somehow without collapsing haha! And it was a lot of fun cheering, especially when our crowd cheered too for once! My science teacher, Ms Seitz, went totally crazy and jumped around with our silver pompoms and screamed so much that she barely had a voice left afterwards! I'm going to live with that woman for a week, I think that will be awesome because she is realy nice and funny I'm staying there when Andrea and her familly is going to Texas to see Andrea's boyfriend and to Oklahoma to see her cousin Jeremy take his millitary graduation.
My dance clothes in our school colors - red, white and columbia blue!
So our little girls rocked the field when we went out there to do the routine, and then when all of them finally were picked up by their parents and we were done cleaning the gym, I could finally go home.
So today I'm not going to do anything. at. all.
Thank you for reading!
God bless <3

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