1 month in The States!

Hey there!
Today it's been exactly one month since I got here, to Indiana. Nine more months left to go! I can't believe it has all ready gone so much time! I'm getting more and more used to speaking English and the American culture everyday! One thing I'll never adopt from here though is all the sparkling clothes - for me, glitter is the biggest no-no ever when it comes to clothes!
I'm so happy it's friday, school just sucks the life out of me! I've been at the school's dancepractises and I'm officially in the dance team!c It's like being a cheerleader, but without doing all the kicks and flips! It's so much fun being a dancer - something I highly recomend for all future exchange students! We have pompoms and everything - and soon we're getting our new uniforms! Yaaay! So nexr week is our first homegame! Our danceteam has a danceclinic earlier that day for little kids (K through 5th grade) and then we'll perform with them at the game! I'm so excited - I'll have to learn the School-song-routine though!
So the schoolday today has been pretty similar to the other weekdays, I guess.Except that me and Andrea went to pick up my friend Sarah this morning and take her to school!
After school we were taking Linda for a birthday dinner in Rockville! I totally piged out when we got to the Mario bros restaurant!! It was so good and the quesediasI ordered was one of the best I've ever had!
Then we got back to school to watch Linda's cheerleader practise. We were all going to the same aw
football game so we just waited for the rest of the cheerleader!
Cool sunset tonight!
It was nice hanging out there and meet some new biuddies! Some random guy even asked for my nuimber! Feeel like a boss!
The boys weren¨nt good, as expected But we actuallt made tito 6 ponts against Fountain Center's 70 something... Hm I don't like to lose!
Andrea and I had to leave the game Early for going to Wallmart and get a birthday present forLinda whiledi we're sleeping over at tomorrow! It went good and then we finally got back home! And now I'm so tired that I can't even see what Im writing!
Gotta go to bed!
Thanks for reading>>!Q
1God bless <3
Cheer practise today!


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