Back in the Cornfields again!

Hey there! What's up?
Feels kind of nice to be back in Indiana alltough the trip was fantastic :)
I had a large and well deserved sleep-in today, since we had to wake up at 6am yesterday!
I went up and made lunch/breakfast for me and Andrea. My intention was making an omelett but it turned out scrambled eggs...
Today's outfit,, wearing my new shorts I got the other day! Love them!!!
When we'd finished eating, my host mom picked us up in her car to go to Crawfordsville. She was taking an Amish women there. When we'd dropped off the Amish women at the store she was going to, we had to pick up Andrea's car at the collision center. It was repainted so it was all shiny and looked brand new!
Andrea's car after reperation - I want a car like her's too!! Daddy...?
After that, we went school supply shopping in Crawfordsville a Wallmart. Man, that's a big store - you could prbably live there if it wasn't for the freezing air conditioner! Can't believe school starts next Tuesday! I'm really excited, even thought it means getting up early!
You can never get too ready for school can you?
On our way back home we stopped to get Andrea some lunch at Wendy's (a fastfood place) I personally considered the omelett as my lunch since I want to take it easy with the fastfood so I just got a water. Or she actually got the water for me!
When we got home we rided some on Andrea's forwheeler. It was funny - and bumpy! We started out by riding a trail in the forest, and after that we paid Andrea's brother Bradley a visitl. He wasn¨t home but we said hello to his wife before we went home again.
Tonight we've been eating pickup food from pizzahut, I feel like a real American here! Tomorrow we're going to walk trails with a friend named Kendall, and then tomorrow night we're going to a bonfire with a guy named Brandon. They're both really nice guys!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Postat av: Robin

Jag har kommit på varför det är så varmt där du är Lollo, det är bara för att du är så jävla snygg <3

Svar: Hahah i så fall borde de va varmt där du bor vännen! Och då måste jag blivit 10000 gånger snyggare lately - känns ju bra! ;) <3
Alice ....

2012-08-06 @ 19:08:56

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