Church and Terre Haute!


So yesterday was church day! I’m starting to get used to getting up early now, that’s good since school starting I guess!

So me and my host family got up and went to the Rockville Pentecostal church as usual. It was a good service, and I got to meet some new people too! One of them was Andrea’s friend Angel’s boyfriend Jonah, but I didn’t have time to talk to anybody after the service, because we were going to Terre Haute.


We left and went to Andrea’s favorite restaurant, Fazoli’s, for lunch. Then we went to the mall to get Andrea cinnamon rolls to take to school. Here in America, they have frosting on their cinnamon rolls, can you believe it? I didn’t even know they existed here! It’s pretty cool though because they’re really popular and they’re also originally from Sweden!


We went to the AT&T store later on to activate my new American phone number. And that meant that I from now on got my own internet access! Love it!! Will be able to have much more contact with family and friends in Sweden! My internet only works where I have signal though, which I haven’t got at home so if I want to skype I’ll have to do it while we’re in a town! Crazy huh? But I have unlimited texts and free calls within America, so all my exchange friends can call me as much as they want! And for everybody who knows me’s information I’ve got an other new phone number now, bu this is my real one that I will use for the entire year! Ask me in the facebook chat if you want it!

When we’d fixed my phone card, Andrea and I saw that we were late for our youth group at the Terre Haute church! It didn’t seem like a big problem for me at first, but the thing was that we had to go home in between to get Andrea’s car, because her parents were going home. But we worked it out, her parents dropped us off at church and went to the movies.


Youth group was really awesome, although I was forced to do the chicken dance because I was new. The youth leader told her story/testimony about her years in high school. It was very cool to listen to!

It took some time before we got picked up after church since my host parents went and saw a movie, so me and Andrea just sat there at the street in the middle of Terre Haute like two hobos! Apparently Terre Haute is not a safe place to be at at night, but nothing happened.


We went home and then Bradley came over for a while, the rest of the eavning I spent sitting on the porch just talking to my host mom and dad while Andrea was skyping with her boyfriend in Texas.

Thanks for reading                                                                                                                              

God bless <3



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