cooking for my family!

Hey there!
Sorry I haven't been bloging lately!
Can't blame that I've had too much to do either because both thursday and friday were really lazy days!
This friday we were supposed to go to Crawfordsville to get an American phone contract for my phone, but my host mom got a last minute job so she couldn't take us. Poor her, as soon as she got home again she got an other last minute call and ended up being away all day!
Good thing I made supper, so she didn't have to worry about that at least!
It's been cooler outside lately, so at least I don't dye from the heat by going outside anymore! me and Andrea just hung out around the house, watching tv and resting before school. I got pretty boored after a while though. But then I got plenty of time to talk to my Swedish friends, William and Robin, so I guess something good came out from that too! And not doing anything really madce me look forward to school! Can't believe shcool's actually starting tomorrow! Where did this summer go?
And I'd promised my host family that I'd cook meatballs for them, so I started out in the kitchen in the afternoon. Andrea helped me, and I let her taste the cake I was making for desert. She liked it - a very good grade to be her because my host sister is a very picky person (she can't eat everything due to her braces!)
I cooked the meatballs for them from meat that had come from their own cow - isn't that pretty cool huh?! And when my host mother finally arrived fom her work, she helped me make mashed potatoes. (They were really good!)
My meal was approved, which made me very happy! Iäll have to cook for them again sometime soon!
After dinner we went to the movies all four of us and saw a cartoon caled "Brave". It was a film about a girl and her relationship with her mother. It was really qute - made me miss my mommy! <3
Then we went home to eat the deser that I'd made for them! :)
That was my friday!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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