Creation Museum

Hey there!
Today I had to go up really early, 6am! Good practise for school I guess!
We were at the Creation museum today, a muesum about scientific evidence for that God created the Erath.
First we went to their gardens, it was beautiful! They had all kinds of flowers and ponds.
my host dad took a picture of me standing above a waterfall
We had breakfast at the museum and got to hear one a speach from a proffesor about the Evolution and Creation theory. It was very intresting! It's nice to get some scientific evidence for your belief, and there are actually many evidences that prove the Creation theory.  
One of the pictures at the Creation Museum
After the tour we went to see an other speach from an Australian proffesor, but I was so tired that I fell asleep... Too bad because that was intresting too!
But I got these books really cheap in the pocket shop so now I can just geek apologetic at home instead I guess x) (apologethic means defensing christianity by scientific arguments)
The books I got today :))))
When we'd listened to the speach and bought our books it was time to go home. I was so tired so it was nice to just sit in the car. We stopped by a fastfood place to eat on or way back to Indiana. For the rest of trip I was asleep at Andrea's green fluffy pillow (yeah she actually brought a pillow on our vacation)
And tonight I've just been taking it easy, hanging out eating dinner with my host family. I skyped with Amilia and chatted with some friends in Sweden too. Miss them - and frizon will be in a week (a festival in Örebro, Sweden) I'd love to go but I'm glad I'm here!
Now me and Andrea are just hanging out at my room talking, love having a sister my age! <3
Well gotta go and be social here! I'll uppdate more soon!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3


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