Cut my hair yesterday!

What's up!
Yesterday we had to get up early to go and get my physical test done.
So we went to Rockville where I was taking it.
Everything went well - looks like I'm pretty healthy!
After that we went to Wallmart in Crawfordsville to go and get grosseries! I'm cooking Swedich meatballs for my host family this week so we had to get the ingredients.
We had lunch at pizza hut and then we went to ge mine and Andrea's hair done att the hairdresser!
What I didn't know is that you actually have to be 18 to dye your hair here without parent's permission! So the hairdresser (who had a Swedish history behind her last name, Gustavsson) wanted to call my mom!
But we solved it, since my host mom is my legual guardian right now then she got to sign the paper!
Before and after! What do you think?
I don't know how but that hairdresser did something magical with my hair to give it body!
I challenged her to make my hair look like that, because I was sure it was impossible to make my hair look that thick! But she made it - she actually gave my hair body!
This is a happy girl with a new hairstyle - now I just have to recreate it!
Love the bluish black hair color too!
So it took four hours for both me and Andrea to get our hair done, I dyed my extensions too!
Andrea looked amazing in her new highlights!
It's a lot cheaper to go to the hairdresser here in America!
We spent the whole day there and Andrea bought some black hair extensions for herself too!
We got a text from Cody, he asked us to come to the movies and see Dark Knight Rises.
So we went home really quick to get fixed, before we went to Rockville to join them.
Two happy girls with new hair styles!
The funny thing is that Andrea's hair ids natuarlly culry, and my hair is straight!
We've switched haha :)
I got to meet a guy named Cree that Cody and the other guys has been talking about a lot! Nice to finally but a name to the face! He works at the cinema!
Outside the cinema in Rockville
The film was really good! It's defenetly worth seeing! Allthough I couldn't get much of what they said since they spoke with those masks that made their voices unclear!
When we went home we a storm hit. It started to rain very much, wich is good for all the dryed out corn here. We drove home and saw how the lightning keept flashing and lighting up the sky all of a sudden!
The lightning on our way home
Thanks for reading
God bless <3


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