Hello Kentucky!

Heeeeeey everyone!
So right now I'm on this awesome roadtrip to Kentucky with my family! We're living at the Holiday Inn somewhere in the Cincinnati area!
Today was Ellen's last day here too, she got picked up at the house just after we'd left.
It took us about three hours to get her from home, and we picked up some Amish guys on the way who were going with us. We stopped near Indianapolis to fix Andrea's virus effected computer and to pic up som fast-food lunch too.
But three hours later I could see this qute little sign just after passing the river that makes the boarder between Indiana and Kentucky!
Wohoo! We crossed the boarder to Ohio to get here too! So now I can say that I've been to three different states in one day! Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio! Sweet!
Our hotel is really nice by the way! It has a swimmingpool and everything and best of all - signal and free wi-fi!
So I'm gonna be reachable again for a cupple of days at least!
Just after getting here we went out on this Riverboat ride at the Kentucky river! We had to drive trhough Cincinnati to get there, so I got to see Cincinnati too! Love that city!
Me and Andrea at the boat!
So it was a really nice Riverboat ride, we passed Cincinnati too with the boat! And then we eat a really good dinner on the lower deck! I met som curious persons at the boat, among them this woman from Michigan that was really sweet! I love the Michigan accent!!
 I had a really nice day and it will be nice to get some sleep in this luxury hotel bed! (but my bed at the Woodard's is actually bigger!)
Good night!
Cincinnati by night! Bueatiful, isn't it?
There was some game going on at their arena too, so you could hear all that noice coming fromm the audience!
PS: My friend Elin from my school in Sweden is flying to the USA right now! She'll be spending her yeart in South Dakota! Best of luck to her and follow her blog at ----> murrays.webblogg.se
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3


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