H&M in Indiana!

Sorry I haven't been on for a cupple of days! An other storm hit yesterday and made our internet stop working!
But I've been having a really good time though!
Two days ago, we went shopping in a city called Lafayette. I was so excited to go because I know that they've just opened an H&M store at the mall there! So I took my hot siter and host mom there so they could see what store every Sweed get clothes from!
Of course, it wasn't that different from the Swedish H&M stores. They didn't have all things the Swedish stores have and it actually were more expensive here! But it was nice to getting a vibe of home! And it's good to have H&M near where you can get the basics.
Of all stores we went to that day, H&M was actually the only one where I bought anything!
Yupp - call me mainstream but I bought hipster glasses! Love them! <3
Andrea got a pair of converse too before we went back again to pick up two Amish guys and drive them.
Later on, we went for dinner at Bradley's! (My host brother)
He'd made a stew and a rabbit direct from his farm! I didn't try the rabbit though.
Andrea's friend Jonathan is staying with Bradley and his wife Maranatha, so I got to see him again too!
It was a nice night and Andrea and I took the fourwheeler home after a while!
That was about all we did this Tuesday! Love being in america!
Was really homesick that day though, glad it's better now!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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