My first American Sleepover!

Hi, sorry for not updatinf during the weekend! I've been busy and I didn't get much sleep either... First of all, me and Andrea have been over at Linda's house to celebrate her belated birthday! We had a really good day together, first of all Andrea styled our hair - that girl is amazing she should be a hairdresser!
I got to meet her grandparents and her great grandma Louise (hihi I like that name),
Later on we were going to an Italian restaurant, and we tried to get the hang of the guy
Linda's going out with. It ended up with me and Andrea going with her on her first date with the guy! We picked him up and went to the restaurant, Palucci's
Had a great night, Dakota was a really funny guy and they seemed to get along well too :) Linda enjoyed her birthday dinner a lot! 
Birthday girl and her date :)
After driving Dakota home, we went over to Linda's and spent the night there! My first American sleepover - we had a real typical girlsnight going on! It was really an amazing night, we hung out just talking and watching pretty little liars and eating pop corn! I've never seen pll beofore but I've wanted to for a long time now, so it was fun to finally do it! alltough we kinda jumped in at the middle of the season so I didn't get the hang of it!
After one night of not much sleep at all at Linda's couches we woke up early for church. The plans was that me and Andrea would come with Linda's family to her church, but we were to tired to go... We ended up going to church anyway though, but to another one in a town called Kingman. So we said goodbye to Linda. I didn't pay much attention to the service though because I was so freaking tired - allthogh I'm kind of used to goig to church after a sleepless night!
When we got home from church I was suprised by a huge family dinner at our house that I'd completly forgot all about! It was really nice thpugh - especially all the good food since the only thing I'd eaten for the whole day was a cinnabpn with icing for breakfast (I know it's so wierd - the Americans has taken the cinnamonbun andd put icing on it and they eat it for breakfast!!!). I got to meet a lot of nice relatives to my host family and got tp celebrate my host grandma's birthday!
 Me and Andrea had to leave the party though because we were going to the youth group at the Terre Haute church as usual. I love Terre Haute so much - I don't know why it's just something woth that city. Maybe it's because I feel more at home in the city than in the country since I grew up in Stockholm. (and it's nice to have service and internet on the cellphone!!)
Church was nice,felt like I really got to know the people in that youth group yesterday when we played a game that wasn't my strongest side (guessing characters in the bible)
After youth group me and Andrea went over to Cameron's for a bit and hung out with him and his grandma. Cameron's one of Andrea's best friends, and he's a really greaat kid I like him.
When we were on ou way home from Terre Haute we saw this car with a Texas licence plate. It made Andrea very excited abbout her trip to Texas in four week when she'll finally get to see her boyfriend again who lives there! I on the other hand will come with them, I'll stay at our science teacher's house while they're gone, x) She's crazy - but a good crazy I like her haha! :)
¨Well... I've got school tomorrow so thanks for reading!
Good night!
Godd bless <3


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