New phone number!

So this Saturday me, Andrea and my host mom went to Crawfordsville to get my new American phone contract with the At&T company.
My cool hairstyle with the curles that the hairdresser fixed at me was completly messed up, so I decided to try on my extensions that I got dyed at the same time as I dyed my hair. Since I've been washing my hair, it has gotten slightly lighter than the extensions, but it's still close enough to wear them on!
I really miss having long hair! Do not look like a "typical Swede" at all do I? ;)
We went to wallmart shopping after fixing my phone in Crawfordsville and I bought myself some American candy...
Yapp! I love Snickers! My sister is allergic to peanuts - so I haven't been able to eat it around her for over ten years! So now is finally the time - I just had to by a 12-pack!
Even though it was tempting just to eat all of the Snickers right away (they're all gone by now!) I went with Andrea and my host mom instead to eat lunch at the farmers market. The farmers market is pretty much what it sounds like - a place where farmers sells their homemade/homegrown food. Except this was an Amish market, so there where pretzels, sweetened popcorn as they do it in Germany, and a lot of other cool stuff. I tryed a pretzel with cinnamon, it was really good but very sweet though.
I don't know why but I was realy exhausted when we got home from the farmer's market so I took a huge nap!
I also found out that we weren't given a phone number to my new american Sism card so my phone didn't work. But it didn't bother me since we don't have signal at home anyway haha!
We had family over for dinner, Bradley and Maranatha plus aunt Conny and uncle Greg that we visited the other day. It was really nice to meet them again, We went over to Bradley's so aunt Conny could see their house and their animals and guess what we got to see?
Their little cat has got six more kittens, they're so extremly tiny! Six little newborns!
It was an exhausting day, and it was nice to come home and get some sleep!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3

Postat av: Susanne C

Hej gumman,

Vi har inte ditt nya telefonnummer!
Kram Mamma

2012-08-20 @ 12:56:00

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