School starts tomorrow!

Hey there!

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately!

So tomorrow is my first day at school! OH MY GOSH I AM SO NERVOUS! But I guess everything will be okey :)


The first thing we did tofay after getting up early on our last day of summerbreak, was picking an Amish man and drive him to Crawfordsville. After dropping him of we had breakfast at McDonald’s  - the American way! It was the first time I’ve eaten on McDonald’s in USA and I’ve never actually had their breakfast before!



The rest of the day we’ve been spending in Lafayette because guess what? Andrea got her braces out today! Just in time for the Senior pictures! While she was in there I took the time to use my Internet on my phone (which only works when I have signal = not at home) to call my friend Amilia in Sweden on viber. She and my other Swedish friends has been on a huge Swedish Christian festival so she had a lot to tell me about! It was nice to hear her voice again.


Smiling without braces!

My host mother had to change a tire, so we went to do that. It was a long wait there so my phone Internet come in handy there too. My friends has been spamming me on facebook since they found out that I have more access to Internet now!


When the tire was fixed we went back from Lafayette and stopped in Crawfordsville to eat lunch. We went to a fast food place called Long John Silver’s, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that everything they offered there was fried!


My mom had to run some arrends after lunch so we came with her. Then we had to go back home to get ready to go to school. This night was back to school night – which for me meant going to school, meet all the teachers and find my locker. Before we went Andrea fixed my hair in a really cool style! She’s going to do it again tomorrow before we go to school for the first school day! Love having an older sister!



All the teachers were really nice to me and Andrea helped me go through all my classes and introduced me to people. We didn’t stay long though – we have to get up early tomorrow!


When I got home I found out that my friends Felicia and Amilia had stayed up to like 2am Swedish time to skype with me, so I called them for a while! Boy I’ve really missed my crazy girls and we had so much fun talking on skype! We have a lot of plans for next summer, wow I only have things to look forward to for over a year now!

Amilia is an amazing photographer isn't she? ;)


But it’s getting reallt late and after all it’s school tomorrow! My first day at Turkey Run! And my friend Sara is also coming to the USA tomorrow! She’s going to be an exchange student in the town Pueblo, Colorado! Hope she has a safe flight! Read her blog


Anyway –

Thanks for reading!

God bless <3



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