Thumbs up for Cincinnati!

Hey there!
So right now I'm just chilling out at my hotel room with Andrea! It's the second the of our roadtrip to Kentucky/Ohio! I've got this major cold for almost a week now and it won't give in because of all the ariconditioning! 
So we're been spending the day in Cincinnati, which apparenly is a part of Ohio state!  x) It's hard to keep track on the boarders! I really like the city, it's defenetly worth seeing!
A street in Cincinnati
We started out with going to this Underground Railroad Museum, wich is a museum about slavery in the American history and also about Americas declaring of independence. It was intresting, alltough I all ready knew a lot about the slavery. But the museum was very informative!
At rhe Underground Railroad Museum
Me and Andrea at museum, with Cincinnati in the background!
After the museum we went to a restaurant in Cincinnati to have lunch! And we were given free mentos at the street in the city too - made my day! Mentos are like the best thing for my cold! Andrea and my host dad Brad went for "the best ice-cream in Cincinnati", wich appearently wasn't that good, before we went back to the bus with the Amish guys we are on the trip with!
Just after getting back to our hotel on the Kentucky sde of the boarder, we decided to go shopping!
So we went to the Florence mall just ten minutes away and I could swear that if my wallet had feelings it would be crying right now!
The Florence mall had all the awesome American stores! But I tried to take it easy and not buying anything. That went pretty good until we got into Forever21, my favourite store! I bought this amazing crop top and a jeans jacket that I really will need for school! I've said it before and I say it again - I love American shopping!
This look is so gonna be my favorite outfit for the next coming weeks!!!
Now we've just got back from having dinner with the Amish guys at the hotel! I'm completly worn out due to my cold, so I guess I'll just be taking it easy tonight!
Thanks for reading everybody!
God bless! <3


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