Warm day in the state park!

Hey there!
Today was one of those killing warm days here in Indiana!
They've warned for a storm coming - hope it brings some rain!
So today me and Andrea had a lot to do! We'd promise a guy named Dakota that we were coming to his birthday party, so we went there. None of us hardly knew anyone there, and then suddenly everybode disappeared! So we went for lunch since we hadn't eaten anything for the whole day. We went to a place called Sugar v alley and had lunch. I had ice-cream too, felt like I've earned it since I've been very strict with not eating fastfood!
They have good ice-cream here in USA - but I got inoscious after eating it due to the heat!
We went back to the birthday party at the state park, but everybody had disappeared again by walking trails in the forest. So we decided to do that too!
It was really warm, so walking trails was very exhausting. I'm not in my best shape either after being sick and just gone by car everywhere! So it was a good exerzise!
A part of the trail. It used ti be a big stream here but since it's so dry here in Indiana there's merely any water!
A scary ladder!
it became to warm for me after walking and climbing for a while so I nearly fainted... And we still had a long way left to go! I acrually thought that I would like faint and then dye right there because my body really couldn't deal with the heat! And I had no water either!
I don't know how we made it through the entire trail but somehow we did!
We just rushed away from the birthday party and sat in Andrea's car with turned-on AC to cool off!
We went home for a while to just get some energy back from the exhausting trail before going to the bonfire at Cody's house in Rockville!
We couldn't have a bbonfire though because of the fireban due to the drought. But we just hung out with Cody, Taylor, Lonney, Brandon and some guy called Harveson. It was nice - a lot of mosquitos though!! 
And now we're finally home after a good night in Rockville :)
Church tomorrow - means getting up early!
So gotta go get ready for bed!
Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3

Postat av: Robin

Det är ju bara så varmt för att du är där! Snygging! <3

Svar: Hahahhah konstigt att det inte har vart varmt i Sverige på sjutton år då? ;) Puss vännen! <3
Alice ....

2012-08-06 @ 19:09:59
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