Almost one week in USA

Heeeeeeeey - here's finally today's update!
So today's the last the Ellen is staying here. She'll be going home by noon tomorrow. I really like her, too bad she's going. I hope I'll see her again before my year here's over.
Anyways - technology really hasn't been our friend lately! I just noticed a cupple of days ago that I accidently brought a German charger to my cumputer which I though was an american one, that's why my computer hasn't been working so I haven't been able to blog! And our Internet just keeps stop working all the time and we still don't know what's wrong, it's really annoying! Andrea's computer just got virus too! So today we decided to go and fix all this!
So we went to Crawfordsville, before going to fix the computer issues we turned in Andrea's car (she hit a dear the other day) We went to Wallmart shopping too, and then we went to a place called "Arnis'" to have lunch.
My hostmom had to pick up some Amish guys and drive them home. Amish is some kind of religion - don't ask me about it because I don't really get it. x) So we drove there to pick them up!
And tonight we've just been hanging out here at the house, we had some family over for dinner. Tomorrow we're going on a trip to the Cinncinati area in Kentucky! And then I'll hopefully get to see my Swedish friend Elsa,the exchange student I met on the flight to Chicago! She lives in Louisville - Kentucky! Read her blog ---> ! :)
Linda has a dirty truck...
Thank you so much for reading!
I promise I'll be faster on my updatings from now on!
God bless y'all! <3


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