Finally updating again!

Hey all my readers!
I'm sorry I haven't updated for a cupple of days but I've had problems with both internet comnection and my laptop.
Anyway! I've been here for almost a week now! It really has been an eventful start!
First of all, I've got a cold from all this going out and in due to the airconditioning - but I hope it'll soon be over.
Right now, we have Andrea's friend Ellen over, she's been here since Saturday and she'll be staying until tomorrow! :) We've had so much fun together, Ellen is a really cool person! Too bad she's going home tomorrow!
When she came this Saturday, Andrea and I went out to the 4H Fair to meet her. Before she got there we just hung out with Andrea's best friend Linda and Linda's boyfriend Logan.
It was the last day of the fair, so there was car derby that we went to before we met up Ellen.
Yeaaaaah! Old cars smashing into each other!!!!!
Before we went home from the fair, we met up some other guys I just met the other day whenAndrea and I went to Terre Haute, It was an awesome night !
I'm going to update some more about the days I've been missing out to blog about this week! Hope you wannna' reed it!
God bless! <3


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