My first days in Indiana!

Hey everyone! I'm finally in the USA!
Well I'm still a bit jetlagged but I'll adjust in a few days :)
Allthough the heath here is killing me, I've had a great time!
Yesterday me and my hostsiter Andrea went to a 4H-fair in a town nearby to look at the animals! I got to meet some of her friends too :) We went homme really late though so I was exhausted due to the time difference and all new impressions. My English is allready getting better :)))
Today I've been meeting some of my hostfamilys' relatives, and we went over to my hostbrother Bradleys' farm to look at the animals! It's been a great day, I miss all my Swedish friends though! :/
And I got to skype with my friend Elin today, she's an exchange student too and she's coming to the USA this Tuesday! She'll be living in Volga - South Dakota and she'll be flying to Chicago airport just like me so I gave her
some tips before the trip!
 My friends and my family came with me to the airport to have breakfast and say goodbye to me! Love them <3
Chicago O'hare airport was huge, but fortunately I wasn't alone, I met five other exchange students in Düsseldorf on the flight to Chicago. Three of them we're going to Kentucky just near me and one of the was Swedish too. :)
Maybe I'll get hopefully to meet her next week when me and my hostfamily are going on a trip just to the Kentucky border near her! :)
Luckily I had my exchange student friends with me and there was an EF representant at Chicago who helped us! But we lost Felix, one of the Austrian guys on our way to the domestic terminal.
 I'll update more soon!
Thanks for reading!
God bless!

Postat av: elsa

i'm getting a new phone and number today, so i'll give you that number and you have to text me when you're coming to kentucky! <3

Svar: Awesome!!! I'll text you soon! Hope we can meet up! I have to read your blog :)
Alice ....

2012-07-27 @ 19:05:01

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