Packing ^^

So today I'm starting to pack for real. I also try to fix the last things I've got to do before leaving!
So on todays' schedule is taking my last vaccination against TBE and recharge my American cell phone card with money. 
Important for everyone who has my number to know is that I've got two new numbers so far, one American and one global. You can still reach me on my old number until tuesday, after that you'll have to call my global number so it won't cost that much. When I get to the USA I'll try to find a good contract for my Iphone with free surf so I can use Imessage, viber and skype to text and call for free, then you can use my Iphone number again! If you want my new numbers I'll give them to you via Skype och the facebook chat!
Feels a little bit sad that I won't se my friends here in Sweden for a year now :/ But some of them will come with me to the Airport Tuesday morning to have breakfast with me at Arlanda before I leave! Looking forward to it!
So here's the presents I got last week when I had my goodbye party (fika!!?) for my friends! Swedish "knäckebröd", "Svennes kaviar" , a step-by-step book about baking (I'm really not the housewife kind-of-a-girl!) , Swedish marabou chocolate in for different flavours, American candy and finally some toching letters from beloved friends! Thanks so much for coming!
Well I guessI'll just get started with the packing now!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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