Sunday - Going to church!

Heeey again!
Yesterday was my first Sunday here in Indiana - which of course meant church!
So at 9.15 I went with my host family plus Ellen to the Pentecostal church in Rockville, a tiny town about 30 minutes away.
I met some new persons and got to listen to a god sermon. The Rockville church was really cool :)
Andrea's friend Angel, who I met my first day here at the fair, came with us home.
We just chilled out at our place, cuddleing with the kittens. Except that Iris (my kitten that I got to name) really doesn't like to be picked up...
Here's a pic with the girls from Yesterday, I really don't like that pic of me though... :)
After Angel was picked up, me, Ellen and Andrea got ready to go to a youth meeting at the church in Terre Haute. I met some of the kids from that church when I was in Terre Haute last time at the Bible study. They're really funny!
It was a good meeting, with a lot of worshiping and praying.
After church, we went with the guys that I got to know at the Bible study to grab a Starbucks! I just thought that I had to have a vanilla-latte at Starbucks since I was in the USA!
Got speeded up by the coffe and had a great time with these guys!
So after being at Starbucks with Kendall, Daniel and Cameron, we grils went to pick up some late dinner on our way back home.
Exhausting day!!
Thanks a lot for reading!
God bless! <3
// Lollo


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