Terre Haute

Heeeey le blog! Today it wasn't as warm as usually, only like 34 C ...
So today Andrea and I went to Terre Haute, a city nerby where we live, to go shopping.
We went to the mall, and I can just say that I'm wayyyyy porer now than I was yesterday! America has awesome shopping!!!!!! We drove by some of her friends to her to just to get me introduced :)
But before we went I ran intomy little kitten, Iris :) Not to brag but she's the cutest kitten I've ever seen!
It was the first time I actully succeded to capture her today, boy she isn't the cuddly one!
These are the clothes I bought today at the mall in Terre Haute :)
USA is going to be a hugh danger to my wallet!
After the mall we went to Andrea's frind Cameron's place and picked him up to go bibel study, still in Terre Haute. That of course meant meeting some more new people for me! Andrea's friends are really funny, and I had a great time at bible study today with them too! Looking forward to the next time, allthought it wasn't only bible stuying but also a lot of sharing embaresing stories about ourselfes! x)
At last me and Andrea had dinner at an Italian restaurant, where I got to live up to my Italian surname by eating spaghetti with a fork and a spoon! Funny times haha!
It was beatiful to drive home from Terre Haute while the sun was setting, and then we stopped at the 4-H Fair really qiuck on our way home to pick up Andrea's project!
Tomorrow we'll have her friend Ellen come over here spending the weekend, it will be exciting to meet her!
Thanks for reading!
I'll update as soon as I can!
God bless <3

Postat av: Elin

That dress!! I want that dress!!!!! (buy one for me (x )

Svar: Hahah thank you Elin! You know what? You should buy your own one when you get to The States by TOMORROW!!!! Have a safe trip sweetheart! <3
Alice ....

2012-07-28 @ 20:24:04
URL: http://www.murrays.webblogg.se
Postat av: Robin

I love that dress Lollo! Im so glad that you like it there in America... but I miss ya like hell :( <3

Svar: Awww love you Robin! I miss you a lot too! <3
Alice ....

2012-07-28 @ 22:36:44
URL: http://axpojkens.bloggplatsen.se

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