Hi there!
Sorry for not updating, it's been a crazy week!
Me and Sarah at the school bus on our way home last week :)
I have a mouse in my room ://// It has kept me a wake for the past cupple of nights!
So I've got sick from all the lack of sleep and stayed home moday from school. Haha and of course that's the day we get a 95 questions worksheet in Earth Space and the week we had four tests coming up! But I survived school this week without barely even studying for everything!
Finfing this on the whiteboard in my locker made my day though! haha Taylor is learning Swedish!
Dance practice has started again and we're working on a new "pitch perfect´" inspired coreography. We've gotten new unifroms and we're ready for the new season! Andrea's started managing basketball so I barely see her these days!
So this week we had homemade pizza for the first time since I got here - YUM! I put Canadian bacon on mine! Delicious!
Yesterday Andrea had planned for a big bonfire at our house so I helped her with baking som Swedish chocolate balls haha! And then we tried for ever to light the fire but our wood was wet so we couldn't get it going at first! But we worekd it out after a while with some help from our friend Jonathan!
We didn't have a lot of people over, but it was a really nice night. And it was really warm too! This is supposed to be the warmest weekend untill spring! Nice and yet kind of depressing at the same time haha! At least we don't have a bunch of snow like New York! I heard there was like 14 inches in Connecticut!
So there was me, Andrea, Jonathan, Linda, Courtney, Garret, Sam, Natalie and Brandon at our fire yesterday. We had a lot of fun just hanging out there.There's been so much drama going on lately so it was so nice to just relaxe and talk to people.
Jonathan stayed a llittle longer than the rest and just hung out with me and Andrea as we let the fire burn out. We gave him a bunch of goodies for it, my chocolate balls were appriciated!
Today I was supposed to go shopping with my friend Hannah but her dad's car broke down so we're planning on doing it Tuesday instead. This is the thrid time our shopping plans has been cancelled but oh well, that means we're just going to have more fun when we actually do it! :)
Soon me and Andrea's going to go to Crawfordsville for supper and tomorrow we're going to see the new movie Wreck it Ralf at the Ritz in Rockville. It's their last show with the old projector system!
And Thursday almost everyone I know in our school is going to the Ritz to see the priemier of Breaking Dawn part 2! We're going to start with seeing the first part of breaking dawn, because they can't show part 2 untill after midnight on the actuall day it has it's premier. Which is good for me because I still haven't seen the first movie. It's a good thing that our government teacher Mr. Miece owns the Ritz theater so we can get easy acces to cheap tickets. And we're probably going to be the first people seeing the movie ever since it's the earliest time zone in USA by midnight! Waaaah Can't wait!
But now I'm starting to feel antsy from just sitting here and not doing anything productive (except for blogging of course) I'll try to update soon biut I can't promise anything!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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