Happy Haloween!

So Haloween is pretty legit here in America, too bad I don't have a costume otherwise I'd defenetly dressed up! People came dressed up to school today and a bumch of my friends are going trick or treating tonight!
So what have I been doing this week?
Well, first of all I've been surviving the megastrong winds from the hurricane Sandy. Not that Indiana is that badly effected, we were supposed to get some snow going on but it never happened. I'm kind of glad, I fled from the snow in Sweden with the hope ogf better weather in America!
This weekend me, my host mom and Andrea went to a babyshower, Then I went to the movies in Crawfordsville wit Lauren, we saw pitch perfect - hilarious movie! See it!
Seriously see it... it was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen!
So guess what I did first thing monday....
We carved pumpking in art class! It totally made my day!
my pumpkin
Hannah pumpkin' it up!
Taylor's, Rachel's, Jacob's and my pumpkin
We sat them in the cafeteria as a decoration and tomorrow we get to take them home.
Yesterday I went to a banquet at our school, to be honored as a fall sport athlete. It was fun, we had dinner and all the athletes were recpognized.
So today I've just been chillin'
Got pretty americanized in English today - love it.
Me, Charlene, Cree and Taylor felt pretty badass sitting like this in the English classroom, having out our phones and everything. Living on the edge haha! Ms. Rush is such a fun teacher sometines! <3
Make sure to survive Haloween
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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