Hey there!
I've been very busy lately! Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow so yesterday was my kast day of school this week!
Sarah, Andrea, Linda, me and Courtney before the bell rang last week in school! Pretty girls!
Last weekend me and Andrea went to see Wreck-it Ralph - the last movie at the Ritz with the old projector!
It was a really good movie and we had a good time! Cree was working when we got there and made us buy the biggest menu ever of concessions! I ´was soooo full after the mmovies!
The thing is that I was going with Hannah to a dinner at her church right after! So it was really stupid of me to even buy snacks to go with the movie!
Hannah, me and her cousin!
Managed to scarf down some really good food though! Got to meet Hannah's cousins and the rest of her family! They were all really nice! I also met my art teacher Mrs. Loudermilk there - appearently she goes to that church too!
Monday I with Hannah to her house right after school, we had picture day with dancw the same night so we fixed ourself for that! Then we went to school together for practice!
We've gotten new uniforms in dance! They are blue and red dresses - just like our school colours! They're really pretty but not the most comfortable - especieally not when you're like a mile longer than the average american! My dress is more like a shirt than a dress, the skirts are really short! But whatever as long as it looks good when we're performing!
This is us senior dancers in our new uniforms ;) Yay or ney?
 I really hope that I looked good on the picture - I didn't like at all the way I looked in the uniform and that's the picture we're using for our senior banners! But oh well! :)))
Us seniors in the doghair-mobile (Hannah Smith's car) on our way to the studio where we took our pictures!
Shopping in Terre Haute tuesday with Hannah and her mom! She must be soooo tired of me haha!
She's like a shopping master - I spent like a $150 on clothes that defenetly are needed! She made me buy two pair of jeans from american eaagle (much cheaper than Swedish jeans and look so much better too!) and four shirt from my new favorite store - body central!
We went to Starbucks too! I'm in love!! Think I'm building up an addiction here, which is not good because my closest Starbucks is like over an hour away and I can't drive!!
So Thursday it was finally time for the breaking dawn part two premiere! the first movie at the Ritz with the new projector system too = awesome sound!! I've never seen so many people at the same place in Rockville ever!There was a huge line outside the Ritz! Luckily, Hannah Delp and Taylor that I was going with, were in the beginning of the line! Andrea and Anna had a basketball game and came later.
The showed the first part of Breaking Dawn too, which I haden't seen! So it was really awesome - my legs were actually shaking when I saw the movie, I don't know why because I'm not a huge fan of Twilight anymore! It's really worth seeing though! Can't believe it had premiere like two days earlier in Swedcen than in USA - that makes no sense att all!
I saw basicly everyone I know there at the Rtiz that  night haha lol! Small town <3
haha me and Sarah at the school bus, our rides are always full of crazy pictures it seems!
But I should really go and help my host family prepare a turkey or something! After all thanksgiving is tomorrow!!
Thanks for reading!
God bless ya! <3

Postat av: Johanna Carlqvist

Åhhh! Jag hade missat att du bloggar!! Vad kul att få veta hur du har det! Det låter så sjukt kul, och jag är riktigt avundsjuk! Living the american life på riktigt liksom ;) Och era danskläder var riktigt fina och proffsiga jämfört med vår dans haha!
Hur är din host family? Och känner du dig hemma, eller saknar du Sverige?
Många kramar, och ha det bäst på thanksgiving!

Svar: Hej Johanna! Vad kul att du läser! :) Hahah jaa det var riktigt najs att få pröva all Thanksgiving mat! Hahah men våra danskläder är ju coola också! Jag gillar uniformerna men de är så sjukt tighta bara - sen måste vi ha en galet obekväm bodysuit under! Men vad gör man inte för att se fin ut på arenan liksom! Min host family är snäll, dom är väldigt kristna så de e en stor skillnad från min familj i Sverige! Jag både känner mig hemma och inte hemma på samma gång - den här veckan har jag haft massa hemlängtan!
Hur har du det? Hur går dansen? Vilken låt gör ni? Hoppas ni alla har det bra och att du njuter av sista året på gymnasiet! ;)
Alice ....

2012-11-21 @ 21:16:29

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