Dirty Wotk at the Crossroads!

Last week I was helping at a yardsale with our church in Rockville!
We didn't get very much sold so it was nice just to go and hang out with the youthgroup and Pastor Shawn (Andrea's cousin).
Church put a big end to my healthy week when we had pizza for lunch and plus all the sweets we all ate while we were waiting for customers! But oh well I'll do it some other time ... soon!
We didn't get a lot of things sold, it was a nice day though and I had a lot of fun with the youth group!
Andrea and my host mom picked me up just before it was time to close. They took me home so me and Andrea had time to get ready to go and see Taylor and Cree act in the covered bridge melodrama in Rockville.
The play was awesome! And I even got to take pictures with the cast! Taylor and Cree both were really good actors! Cree played a real redneck hooshier, and Taylor played a snobby teenage girl.
It was just like on the plays on broadway where the crows says Sssssssss when the bad guy comes in!
The threw money on the stage too, and Cree got a coin thrown in the forehead, Poor thing, but he didn't barely lose character at all! The show must go on I guess!
Me and Leoni/Taylor/My American! Love how they fixed her hair!
It was her first play - she did a really good job!
Mhookie/Cree! This guy should seriously make a career out of acting!
After that something really random happened. A guy from our school, Logan, all of a sudden just popped up and started tickling her!! I didn't even know that he'd come to the play! But he started chasing her around so she had to leave all her stuff and run from him. Guess what the guy did? He freaking stole her car keys and drove away with her car!!!!! I was like: okey so we're now stranded in Rockville thanks to Logan, he better not wreck the thing!
But he just drove around the block, Andrea's car is really nice so if I'd steal a car that would probably be my first choice too! The only thing was that when he parked it, he scraped against something because he wasn't used to drive a car that low. Andrea yelled at him pretty good after that, and then we went to Cody's house nearby with a bunch of people.
We didn't stay very long there, because after a while there came more and more people. But I got to eat some delicious birthday cake and meet some new people so it was fun as long as it lasted!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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