Getting Americanized!

Hey my dear blog!
Yesterday I went shopping with Lauren in Crawfordsville! We've planned for it for weeks and we were supposed to bring Lizzie and Kendall too but it never worked out with our crazy schedules! And I forgot that my dancee practice was moved to yesterday, that's the reason that we went to Crawfordsville and not to the mall in Terre Haute (Crafordsville is like 20 minutes away while Terre Haute is an hour drive)
There's no mall in Crawfordsville because it's a little bitty town, but it has a cupple of stores that we went to. One of them was Goodie's where I tried on a bunch of stuff. Lauren was determined to Americanize me so she picked out American outfits for me.
She made me try on a pair of skinny jeans, and they were actually not that horrible on me! (I really don't like jeans because they're so uncomfy and the don't look good on me!)
I ended up bying the skinny jeans, a crop top that was amazingly cheap and a really warm comfy brand-sweater on sale. It was a productive tour!
After our mini-shoppingtour Lauren took me to a place that Americans call "B-dubs" (BWW - Bufallo Wild Wings) Which is a very cool looking bar where they serve chicken wings. A lot of my friends have been talking about taking me there so it was fun to finally get to go! I really liked the place too, some of their chicken wings were really spicy though!
After that a quick look at Maurice's, an other store, and then we headed back for my dance practice. We went to her house real quick and showed her mom what we got, Lauren got a cute sweater.
She brought me back to school and droped me off at dance where everyone wanted to see my new clothes, they liked my jeans haha! We only had one hour practice, which was really nice because I had an algebra test today to study for!
Today I wore my new clothes to school and almost everyone I know in school complimented me and my jeans. They were all chocked that I wore jeans haha, can't believe they thought it was such a bíg deal! So I guess I'll wear 'em again soon, not too soon though because the slid down a lot since I haven't got a belt yet- That is on my priority list for next shopping tour!
Friday is our last home football game and I'll be dancing. It's senior night too, and this weekend I'll hopefully get my senior pictures taken together with Andrea! Her cousin Susan that I went shopping with a week ago is taking them for us! Need to pick out some outfits and get my hair done before that!
Wanrt it to stay this pretty untill the weekend for my pictures! (this is our driveway by the way, I'm standing by the mailbox)
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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