Girlsnight in Terre Haute!

Hey! I've had a buch of stuff going on lately and it's just started to get warm again outside!
This Sunday, it actaully was so warm that I had an ice-cream!
Last week I went shopping with Lizzie, Kendall, Chelsie and Jessi! We had an awesome night out together in Terre Haute!
I waited for them to go with them after school, and then Lizzie picked me up from school so we could meet up with the other girls.It took quite a bit before we could go, because we had to get gas and plan for the night. Since we all had differet curfews, me and Liz had to drive a seperate car, because the other wanted to go to the late night movies.
We got to the mall just about an hour before it closed, so we didn't have a lot of time looking around in the stores. All for of them where shopping for gifts for their boyfriends, and I assisted them. I got myself a cheap pair of Uggs fir the winter too, which is really needed because it's going to get really cold soon!
After the mall, they took me to Texas Rhode House for some really good food! Liz seemed to enjoy her's too! :) She's a cutie!
Kendall was hungry too :) She asked me to say hi from her on my blog!
I ate some really good chicken and a bunch of other delicious american food! Then it was time to leave because Kendall, Jessi and Chelsie had to go and see their movie! They were going to see Pitch Perfect, too bad I couldn't join because I really want to see that film!
Lizzie brought me back to her house, where we picked up her mom so they could take me home together. The weather was awfull so I had a hard time guiding the way to my house, but we got there! I had so much fun with the girls, hopefully we'll do it again soon!
All five of us at Texas Rhode House!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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