Homecoming week!

Hey everyone in Sweden, USA, Guatemala or wherever you may be!
This week was our homecoming and it was definetly awesome!
Homecoming week means dress-up days, tournaments among the grades, and of course the big hommecoming game and dance!
Too bad I didn't have access to my Swedish wardrobe this week, because I couldn't go all-in for the different dress-up themes!
Monday was stomp out bullying day and we were supposed to wear blue. All my blue clothes was in the laundry except for my blue onepiece, which I threw on until Andrea told me it was senior picture day. And it's not happening that I'm wearing my onepiece for our senior class picture my echange year - big no!
I didn't dress up for tuesday either because it was neon-day and I don't have any neon clothes here! I didn't realize that the whole dress-up thing was a part of the tournament against the underclassmen grades, then I would have tried harder!
Wednesday, on the other hand I went all in. It was missmatch day - a theme even possible for me and my limited wardrobe! Here's how I looked!
First two different lipsticks and then totally unmathcing patterns on my clothes! Hahah
Wednesday we had our big Warrior Spirit night, which meant powderpuff tournament for girls and volleyball tournament for boys. It was so much fun!
Before and after me and Kayla painted our faces haha!
We were out for blood! Everyone wanted to take the Juniors down since they stole a bell from us a cupple of weeks ago!
Our boys defending our senior pride in volleyball, too bad we lost against the freshmen with one point...
 Girl Senior cheerblock! Seniors Seniors what you say? - We're backing our team all the way!
The freshmen are amazingly athletic - they won the whole spirit night. They beat us with one point in volleyball and one touchdown at overtime powderpuff (girl version of american football) But the Juniors came last, which satisfied most of the Seniors. We came 2nd.
Thursday was Eighties-day and I tried to dress up the best I could with a headband and soe high-waisted hotpants with leggins and belt, plus a sweatband on my writst! Got yelled at in school though for not dressing "school-appropriate", because shorts with tights under is wayyy too unmodest for Turkey Run.
And finally Friday came with everything that ment! All students wore their class shirts and last period we had a pep session with the band playing and cheerleaders performing! It was awesome!
I stayed in school before the football game and had supper with my friends Rachel and Nolan.
It rained and was cold like crazy so the game wasn't very enjoyable - nobody was in our cheerblock because everybody was spread out everywhere. I tried to watch the game with Chelsie and Jessi and bought hot chocolate as often I could to warm my freezing fingers.
But amazingly enough we won our game!! Nobody thought it was even possible and we haven't won our homecoming for I don't know how many years! We scored 26 to 12 against a pretty good school called Covington and that makes our third won game this season! We're getting better!
After that me and Chelsie ran into the school to warm up (for some reason we were not alllowed inside during the game so the teachers locked everyone of us out)
Our homecoming king and queen was Cree and Jessica. Jessi really deserved to win, her dress was stunning!
Our selected nominates for homecoming king and queen! The four pairs in the middle are the Senior cupples, Cree and Jessi didn't even come together. cree went with Taylor and Jessica's date was her boyfriend Riley.
Senior homecoming girls, Linda, Morgan, Taylor and Jessi
Taylor and Cree matched their outfits for the eavning
Seniors won the whole Homecoming week tournament with ten more points than the freshmen, hahahaha good thing so we can keep our Seniority pride!
This weekend I was at a babyshower, it was really cool I've never been to one before!
I won this goodie-bag for guessing the right sixe of the soon to be mommy's tummy haha!
And Yesterday was my beautiful mom's birthday! Miss you mom, I love you! 56 and still young!
Well this post is like one mile long all ready so I better get finished! Thanks for reading!
God bless! <3


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