Remedy Drive Concert!

Bon jour tout le monde!
Hello, so I have loads to blog about since last Thursday and Friday we had fall break! The famous covered bridge  festival where in action and I kept busy all the time!
So Thursday my host mom and Andrea had to go to Lafayette to get Andrea's new retainer at the ortodonist, sov they took me with them. On our way there we stopped by one of the covered bridge festivals for food and some shopping at the different flee-markets!
After that we went on to Lafayette and had lunch at Fazolli's, Andrea's favorite restaurant!
We still had some time to kill so we went to the mall where we found this hilarious sign in the parking-lot!
Yep I totally think she's worthy that title!  :)
She took a picture with me and the sign too, and right then a truck driver did the "hey beautiful!"-whistle at me! Oh my goodness...!
I found myself a really nice pair of jeans but guess what - I was too tall for them!! Gosh darn it!
Then it was time to go the ortodonist so we went there and got Andrea her new lime-green retainer! It looks really cool!
At the eavning our church had an event at the bridge-fest called Rock the Bridge, which ment a concert with remedy drive! So me and Andrea went over there and totally rocked the concert together with our church buddies from Rockville and Terre Haute! Haven't seen the people from Terre Haute for ages so I really enjoyed hanging out with them again! They're nice and funny people!
We got to take pictures after with the band-members! This is the basist who's from Chicago, and Brittney from Terre Haute :) 
The concert was awesome, and there weren't that many people there so we all could stand in the very front and dance! Remedy drive gave us quite a show allthough the crowd was really small - they're really good live. And by the way for everyone who doesn't know who they are - it's a christian band that does worship songs in rock n' roll style!
We helped out afterwards to take down the stage and to get the band ready to leave. Oh well, I wasn't very much help because I couldn't lift away all the heavy instruments to the van!
I was worn out after a whole day out and no dinner so when we got back I ade myself some food and then went straight to bed!
So my first concert in America - check! Hope there'll be a next one soon and that it will be just as awesome as this one!
Thanks for reading!
God bless ya! <3


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