Senior Night

Hey... Shame shame on me for not updating in like forever!
But my schedule has been busy busy busy lately!
Last friday was our last football game, I can't believe that tme is going so fast! They've all ready started to put up Christmas decorations in the stores!
Here's some pics from the game :)
Unfortunatley we lost our game, but we've made a really good season to be us! Three won games, one of them was our homecoming! We haven't won our homecoming in I don'ät know how many years so I'm a really proud Warrior fan!
This game we had a huge cheerblock, with cowbells, facepaint and even an chief mascot as you see in the picture above! We had so much fun, and we yelled cheers untill we lost our voices! I'm so going to miss fotball games on friday nights :/
This night was also Senior Night, which meant honoring of all the Seniors participating in fall sport (including dance and therefore me) So we were supposed to walk out on the football field in our uniform together with our parents and then be presented for infor the whole school one by one. Unfortunately my host parents arrived just a minute too late to walk with me, so I had Andrea escorting me instead.The principal even offered to walk me, but it was easier just having Andrea doing it instead.
Worl's best host sister evaaaaah!
Andrea took a picture of me and Ms Seitz, the teacher that talked my host family into having an exchange student! She's the funniest and best teacher ever! She was really speeded for the game, and I look like a giant compared to her hihi...
We also had a performance with the Dance crew during half-time. We'd gotten new uniform pants and everything so we were really pepped! We performed to Good Girl  by Carrie Underwood, really country and really American!
Andrea took some in-action pictures of us dancing, I'm the really charming one to the left ;)
Are awesome Senior dance team, love these girls!
From the left: Linda, Chelsie, Hanna Smith me  Morgan, Hannah Delp and Lizzie
Now we're just waiting for basketball season to begin, and we're getting a new uniform too! A dress this time! Oh lalaa!!
I had a blast the rest of the night cheering for our Warriors!
Thanks for reading
God bless <3


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