Warior Up hahahahahaa!!!!

Hey! People have been complaining about me not updating enough, I'm really trying but it's hard to keep it up! Sorry I'll try to get better!
So this week I've been ordering my cap and gown and some other things for graduation! Oh my gosh this is so exciting - my year is just flying away! I've also ordered a senior necless and a powderpuff-shirt! Powderpuff is like a girl version of American football - I'm just praying that I won't get mangled when I play it!
I've also been celebrating two of my friend's birthdays by baking these:
These are the American version of Swedish "chokladbollar" I guess! Chocolate rolls! Brought them to school for Lizzie's and Lauren's birithday so people in school could try them! Lauren decided to return the favor by making cupcakes and bring them to school the next day! Haha our table is getting spoiled! The next day she also brought pizza for her birthday that she let everyone have! I might have to book two seats for my flight back to Sweden next year haha!
The house feels really empty right now because Andrea and my host mom Lisa went to Oklahoma Wednesday, and they won't be back untill tomorrow/tonight! They went down there to see Andrea's cousin Jeremy's graduation for the military, and then they went on to Fort Worth in Texas to see Andrea's boyfriend. I hope they've had a good time!
Me and my host dad Brad has done everything to keep ourselves busy while Andrea and Lisa were gone! We've been to Lisa's grandmother's funeral (she passed away last weekend, I've only met her once though), and we've been visiting a lot with Brad's sister Conny and her husband Greg and daughter Susan. Yesterday me and Susan went to Terre Haute shopping, she's a bit older than me but we really get along!
Turning leaves - this is from a festival in a town called Thorntown that me and Brad went to yesterday before Susan, Greg and Conny came over so me and Susan could go shopping!
The most exiting part of this week thought has been the football game Friday! We had a performance half-time with dance - and believe it or not but our team actually made the first touchdown! Our guys are getting better!
Me, Morgan and Courtney - ready to dance! Courtney is not in dance though but she was cheering in our cheerblock!
I stayed in school for the game since I didn't have a ride anywhere now when Andrea is gone! I found some people to hang out with before the tailgating, which is when everybody pulls up with their trucks before the gae at the school parking lot and have a picknick. We tailgated with dance and it was a lot of fun!
I lost my danceuniform shorts though - which led to panick and changing of the uniform for the performance! I looked for them everywhere but couldn't find them. It turned out they'd fallen out of my bag... Oopsiee...
 The Tribe - Our very own cheerblock! Warrior up!
It was so much fun cheering with the cheerblock - lost my voice big time!
We did our performance to the band playing Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Cree, the leader of the cheerblock even did the creepy laugh after screaming Warrior up or something like that instead of burn it black!
It was a nice night!
Me and some of our Senior Dance girls! Go big red!
We lost the game though... But still proud over our touchdown in the beginning!
Thanks for reading!
God bless <3


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