Hey, I'm so sorry for the long time with no updates!
I've been doing a lot, and it's allmost two months since I moved to the States!
I've been spending laborday two weeks ago, shopping with my host sister and her friend Linda in the city Lafayette. I didn't buy much though, just a perfume from Victoria's secret (I love it!!!!) and underwear from H&M.
My new amazing perfume!!!!
Yesterday was an awesome day, I was spending the whole day performing at an event called Purdue band day. Purdue is the most popular college in Indiana and it's situated in Lafayette. So we and the band were going there to cheer for Purdue football team at their first homegame of the year, It was really cool, but yet exhausting. I had to go up 5am cause we had to be at school 5:45 for breakfast before leaving with the busses.

Turkey Run looks kinda creepy at 6 o clock in the morning ...
Me, Anika and Rachel were tired on the bus. The girl beside me, Macy, fell asleep.
When we got to Purdue University we got to warm up with the Purdue orchestra. Then we had to change to our uniforms before having our lunch.
The Purdue all American marching band
Later on we went to take our places in the football stadium and wait for the game to begin. It got really warm, and even my pale arms got a little sun tanned.
At the football game - Purdue Boilers won big with ike 44-16 or something like that. Good feeling to actually get to cheer for the winning team for once!
Boiler up!
Me and Tiffany cheerin'
We did our performance at half time, and apparently my face made it on the big screen! Hahah and I screwed up so badly - I did every move in the wrong rythm. Well at least I smiled!
The Seniors in the dance team
It was a really good day - It was nice to get home and sleep when it was over though!
I talked to my mom on the busride home and everybody stared at me while I was speaking Swedish!
Today I've just been to church and chilling out at home - getting ready for another school week. This weekend wasn't even a weekend, didn't get any sleep at all :(
I've been talking to some swedish friends today and they're just as tired as me - welcome back partys at all the schools and all my christian friends have been on a christian cruice with a lot of cool concerts like hansam and pkanetshakers. They all haven't been sleeping for 40 some hours so I guess I should be happy for the 5 hours I got last night!!
I'll try to update more soon!
Monday here I come - please don't eat me alive ^^
God bless <3
Thanks for reading


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