Sleepover!! <3

What’s up! Springbreak in Sweden, but not for me! I’m in school one more month before me and Elin are going to California! Wooop woooop I’m flipping pumped!  So I’ve been really busy lately, tight now I just got home from a baby shower for my host-cousin Tammy. She's going to have a little girl that they're going to name Nadia, which means hope in Russian I think.

 I got to the baby shower straight from a sleepover at Lauren's house with her and Hannah! She took me to Rockville where the shower was at, I got to meet some host-family I haven''t seen in forever so it was fun! 

We had a lot of fun yesterday, we left for Terre Haute right after school to go eat with Lauren's family at TGI Fridays' in the mall! When I went to my locker yesterday morning Lauren wrote this on my whiteboard:

Love her too <3
On our way to Terre Haute we went to Clinton so Hannah could pick up our Senior shirts that she's ordered for us. They're black and limegreen, really cool - I didn't get one though! 
We went to the mall for a bit and shopped, well it was more window shopping for me because I just bought my prom dress last week so I'm pretty much broke! Lauren bought two shirts and some stuff at Victoria's secret. I can't wait untill their swimsoot collection comes out so I can buy myself a bikini for California! 
Lauren is so sweet that ponnies wish for her for their birthday!! 
I really like TGI Friday's, good thing that we have that place in Strockholm too! I had ribs, and they were deliscious!! We went to a gas station after that to buy some candy that we could sneak in to the movies later, because it costs a fortune to buy them at the theatre! I got reese's mini cups and M&M peanuts like a real american ( if you have a sister allergic to nuts, then you have to cease every oppurtunity!) 
 Us hahaha! We had some time to kill before the movie started so we sat in the car for a while and just took silly pics! I acidently embarresed us all by accidently waving to some random strangers that parked in front of us. They stared at us for a goood goood while.... 
Lauren's mom has a wunderbaum in her car!!! I'm in love.
We managed to sneak in our candy to the theatre, we went to see the new movie beautiful creatures! For some reason me and Hannah are vampires in this picture... 
The movie was not at all as I thought it would be! First of all I got totally thrown of by everybody having a real heavy South Carolina accent, but it was a kinda cool movie, not totally clyshé but defenetly a corny chicflick!! It was really cute! 
After the movies we went to my dearly beloved Starbucks, and I got to trie their Strawberry frappucino! 
Wasn't my favorite thing from Starbucks but it was OK :) 
I love Starbucks <33333333
After that we went back home to Lauren's house and watched some tv and played some games before we went to bed! And today we got woken up early by Lauren's brother Ethan at 7am because he thought that she had to work, but she quit her job last week lol! It was a lot of fun! 
Well I gotta go and make supper! See y'all!!! (oh-oh, the Hoosier accent is kickin' in for real...!! )
Thanks for reading! 
God bless y'all <3


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