Hey everytbody, I'm back! Sorry, I had to take a break with my blogging for a while! 
So much has happened since I last bloged! I've celebrated my first christmas and new years in America, I also finally got to meet the other exchange students in my area! They're all really nice!
Yesterday was homecoming, and I was one of the four senior girls nominated for homecoming queen, which meant that I got to dress up just as if I'd go to prom! It was soooo much fun, allthough it probably was one of the most nervous moments in my life! I wore heels, which I've basicly never done to a formal thing before, and I was scared to death that I was going to trip and flash in front of everybody (had on a short dress too...) I usually am too tall for heels but I was set up to walk with the tallest guy in school, so I decided to take the chance!! 
me and my friend Hannah, love this girl! 
This is how Andrea, my host sister, fixed my hair! I loved it! I'm not used to have neither long or curley hair! Believe it or not but it was her first time curling hair, I think she did a really good job! I got my dress last minute this wednesday going to Lafayette dress hunting with my friends Taylor and Rachel. Rachel was one of the nominated senior girls for court as well! 
Me and my escort, Levy! 
Luckily, I didn't trip! Good thing because Levy said that he wasn't going to catch me if I fell - what a gentleman! ;)  I accedently stabbed him with my flowers so I guess we're even! 
All us nominated girls afterwards! 
Seniors in the backrow; Anna, Rachel, Kendall and me! 
Freshmen: Ashley, Juniors: Ellie and Adessa, Sophomore: Courtney.
Kendall got queen, she looked absolutely gorgeuos! The guy that Anna walked with, Tucker, got king! I'm so happy for them! 
Senior nominated girls! I love my classe! These girls are all fantastic! And I absolutely looooove their dresses! 
Really happy that I got nominated, a lot of people came up to me and told me that they voted for me and that I looked beautiful! Thanks to all of you them, they're lovely! 
Thanks to my handsome escort for not pushing me over like he threatened to do, lol!  It was a lot of fun! :))))
Since I didn't get queen, I had danceduty during half time at the varsity basketball game! I took off my heals and went out to the cheerblock for a bit before I went back to the lockerroom to change into our new dance uniforms! 
I really love our routine that we performed yesterday! It's a mash-up with Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani! 
We got totally crushed in the game with like 89-50 or something like that! But we're backing our team all the way!  And we had the awesome homecoming dance right after the game, me and the other seniors totally danced like there was no tomorrow! I won a gift card for doing the Gagnam Style the best - I don't even know how to do it lol!!! But that's always nice! 
Today I woke up oobertired and sick, so I'm just gonna chill out and get better in time for my singing competition next weekend! 
Such a fun weekend! No regrets whatsoever! 
Thank you guys for reading! 
God bless <3

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Hej! Skulle du kunna lägga in en bild på ditt hus och ditt rum o inuti huset, så man får se lite hur amerikanska hus ser ut o så man vet.ungefär vad man kan jämföra med till man själv åker?;)

Svar: Hej! Vem är det här? Tja jag skulle kunna lägga upp en bild på mitt rum, men vårt hus är nybyggt så mitt rum är inte färdigt än så inte så mycket att se liksom! x)
Alice ....

2013-02-21 @ 14:53:47

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